Checking Out the Non-Veg Platter at the Green Taste Desi Food Truck

Green Taste Truck

A couple weeks ago Danny wondered if Indian food carts have left the steam table joints like Minar in the dust? I’ve been a Minar frequenter for over 7 years now, but other than the Biryani Cart, I haven’t tried many of the midtown Indian carts. After reading Lunch’er Devina’s recent write up of the truck formerly known as Green Taste (aka The Desi Truck), I had to go check this newish truck out.

I tend to be a late luncher, so my first try hunting down The Desi Truck (on 39th and 6th Ave.) was a big, huge fail. The next time I headed out a little earlier and found the truck still in place at 2:47pm.

Green Taste Truck menu

After perusing the menu I couldn’t resist trying out the non-vegetarian platter ($7) which gives you the choice of chicken curry or chicken tikka masala over basmati rice with the daily vegetable, salad, pickles and dessert (yes, they had me at “dessert”). When I placed the order, I forgot that I was supposed to actually choose between the chicken curry and the tikka masala. The tikka masala got high marks from Devina, by the time that I had the realization that I had a choice, they had already served me the chicken curry. There were ample chicken pieces and the curry had a hint of heat.

Non vegetarian lunch from Green Taste

While my order was being plated the guy behind me placed his order and was informed that they were out of food (so maybe that’s why they didn’t ask me which chicken dish I preferred). And perhaps why my meal was a little skimpy on the veggie dish (it’s the little bit of curry that’s sort of hiding behind the salad in the top right corner). The veggie dish was tasty and gone in two bites–pretty much before I could figure out what it was–I think it might have been eggplant. My lunch was also missing the promised pickles.

individually packed gulab jamun

They did, however, come through on the dessert. In a tiny little plastic cup that I’m more used to seeing used for ketchup, they served up individually packed gulab jamun–a traditional Indian doughnut hole’ish dessert soaked in sweet syrup. Yum.

gulab jamun!

Gulab jamun are made with milk solids and flour then deep fried, so I guess technically it’s actually kind of a cheese doughnut ball soaked in syrup. Delightful. All in all, it was nice to have the variety and you get a decent amount of food for $7.

I still have a special place in my heart for Minar, but if you want lunchtime variety aka a combination plate, Green Taste is offering up some competition in terms of price and food quantity. I’d like to see how the non-vegetarian platter compares (and how the serving differs if you get there in time for an earlier lunch).

The Green Taste/Desi Food Truck, 39th and 6th Ave.


  • Galub jamun is great!
    The chicken curry looks a bit dry though.

    Too bad no naan on the side. I am curious how their kathi rolls are. :P

    • Too bad it wasn’t there today. I wanted to try the chicken tikka masala.

      Passed by Little Morrocco and say combo prepared with no much extras/toppings so went to La Baguette instead – it’s meh. Gyro platter is not bad at all. Wish the rice was basmati though.

      • Bummer that the cart wasn’t there today. I tried to hit the Sami dosa cart today and came up empty as well. :(

    • The chicken curry dryness is unfortunately on me–take out carry fail. I had my meal in the bag and the container was slightly angled. Lost some sauce out the back. :(

      • I’ll try again sometime. *crosses fingers*

        I’ve passed by the original Desi Truck on 27th & 5th before but wasn’t looking for lunch then.

  • Their basmati rice is quite good. Tasted like each bud was coated in butter. Delish.

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