Lunch’er “Devina” Reports: Skip the Kati Roll, Go With the Biriyani and Chicken Tikka Masala at the Green Taste/Desi Truck

Remember how last month we told you the Green Taste Truck was converted into another branch of the Flatiron based Desi Truck? Lunch’er “Devina” tried the truck out yesterday and sent over this report…

Usually I get a measly half hour lunch break, but today…today was a great day and I got real lucky…my boss had to leave early and I could take as long as I wanted. I took my time walking to kati roll (on 39th + 6th) to get my fix of the Indian burrito. On the way there I spotted a big green truck parked on 40th & 6th serving up plates of rice and chicken with a rich red sauce on top. Being a foodhound, I was mesmerized and had to find out more! Could this be the answer to my prayers for better options for this part of midtown…indeed Lord Shiva had listened and granted me with this boon in the shape of a big green Indian truck!

That was no ordinary red sauce I had spotted with my keen eyes earlier…that was the gravy from one of my favorite Indian dishes of all time…chicken tikka masala ($6 – with basmati rice & salad). Of course, with my eyes being bigger than my stomach (arguable), I couldn’t resist over-ordering (as I usually do)…the special of the day (goat biryani – $7) as well as a chicken kathi roll ($4) and the aforementioned chicken tikka masala. Yes, I am a hog.

The biryani was flavorful and hit the spot. Their kati roll was decent but not as good as the spot literally across the road, called…ahem, Kati Roll! Stick to the truck’s chicken tikka masala over plain basmati rice and you won’t go wrong. It was rich and spicy, succulent and creamy… almost as good as mine! ;) For vegetarians, they offer a simple daal (lentils) over rice with pickles, which at $4, you would find it hard to beat the price tag! The big green Indian truck will definitely meet all the midtown lunch criteria… please give them a sticker.  (Sorry there are no photos of the food, I was too hungry!)

P.S. Also, on 39th+6th I saw that the dosa cart is back after a short hiatus due to permit problems. Will be trying his offerings tomorrow for lunch and will fill you in! He gave me a free sambar today…bless him!


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    I am so happy you reported on this. 1st time poster, went to Kati Roll and many other places based on this site. I also saw the green truck and said to myself I need to stop by here and order lunch… As a matter of fact logging out now and walking down there now…

  • The original Desi Truck on 27th & 5th has a really good chicken anda kati roll.

    This is their 2nd truck. I had a paneer masala kati roll and CTM from there at Parked. The kati roll was good, but I thought the CTM was decent, but nothing special.

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