Desi Food Takes Over the Green Taste Truck

desi food truck

Two week ago we noticed that the Green Taste Truck wasn’t exactly pulling in the crowds… and apparently they noticed it as well! Last week Green Taste was converted into a second Desi Food Truck, serving up dal, curry, kati rolls and biriyani.  On Friday they were parked on 6th Ave. btw. 39+40th, but we’re not exactly sure where they’ll be parking going forward (neither @desifoodtruck or @greentaste has made any mention of the new truck.)  The prices seem to be a bit more expensive than the original Desi Food truck on 27th and 5th but Clay was a big fan of their Kati Rolls, so this one is clearly worth keeping an eye on.

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  • oh my…they were at 40th and 6th, was gonna hit up dosa cart but passed by them and decided to give it a shot- the lady in there got all her orders mixed up- can’t do math on top of her head, and held up the line…some people got so fed up they just left. they even charged me the wrong price too. good luck to these guys man, don’t know how long they can hang around for if they keep up their biz like that.

  • tried the chicken curry. Kinda small. Nothing special. Scratched an Indian food itch I had pretty cheaply.

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    I was on my way to Kati Roll but decided to jump on the line for this truck since it was on the way. When I was on-deck to order, I saw this dude shoveling chicken and rice out of a plastic grocery bag inside a metal bucket. Are you kidding me? The food is stored in a plastic grocery bag? Do they cook the food somewhere else, dump it in a bag, then bring it over? I ended up going to Kati Roll.

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