“Green Taste Truck” Hits the Streets

If you like Kosher food, but want to be healthy (?) you’ll be interested in this news from Lunch’er Adam. He spotted this truck on 48th and 6th yesterday. Unsurprisingly the website painted on the truck doesn’t work, and we can’t imagine they’ll be able to keep parking on 48th and 6th every single day. We’ll see if they’re back today… early (Kosher?) adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.


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    I wonder how the Kosher Oasis truck feels about this.

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    What a coincidence. This truck was in the parking lot of the Brooklyn Costco yesterday evening. Very offical looking young men in yarmulkes standing around it, smoking.

  • Eating kosher food when you don’t have to

    Kind of like recreational chemotherapy

  • @wayne, I love your comment. Recreational chemotherapy…. what a gas!!

  • I saw this one on Tuesday and decided against even sending it in. They were handing out samples of some crappy looking vegetable soup, and their scrawled menu was just.. lame? Also when I asked if they were going to regularly be in that spot they told me it was too close to the subway and the DOH would probably shut them down. Uh, ok.

    Anyway, I had a delicious Frites ‘n Meats burger in my hand at the time so I had better things to do.

    Anyway, here’s the menu (with a reflection of some douchebag). http://www.flickr.com/photos/masto/4644718643/

  • The worst food I ever had at a wedding, by far, was kosher, but I had a decent lunch at Kosher Oasis. Their crispy chicken was good http://tinyurl.com/y4d9z3f

    Walked by there last week and KO wasn’t there. Have people seen them lately?

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    Kosher Oasis was there today.

  • they are on Broadway bet 36th & 37th today.

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    Ok, whattt the Kosher Oasis truck is back? I thought for sure it was gone forever – the phone number is out of order too.

    This one looks shady – what makes it kosher aside from guys in yarmulkes milling around? And seriously, why would you decorate your truck with the name of a website that doesn’t exist?

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