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Quick Stop Kosher Truck is No Competition for W&D, But Their (Moshe’s) Falafel is Pretty Good

Your resident shiksa goddess has finally made it to Quick Stop Kosher (aka the kosher waffle truck) the other day. It was hard to track them down; first there wasn’t a Twitter, then they went to serve Mt. Sinai and on a religious fast. But I finally got my chance to have some falafel, and a waffle for lunch- even though it came with quizzical looks from their kosher patrons. For extra Jewish points, they now serve the layer-challenged Moshe’s Falafel (whatever that means. Maybe they buy all the ingredients from Moshe’s?)

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Wafels & Dinges Has Some Kosher Competition

Thanks to Lunch’er Stephen for tipping us off to this new kosher waffle truck (?!?) that has popped up on 52nd and Lexington. The truck is called “Quick Stop Kosher“, and according to their website they are indeed selling waffles in addition to sandwiches, falafel, blintzes, and slushies.  The schedule is regularly updated on their Facebook page, and yet the few times I have pranced around 52nd Street, in the heat, they have not seemed to be around (perhaps they are invisible to those of us raised Christian?) I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that they will be off on Saturdays and may discover a hungry lunch crowd in the Diamond District.

Has anybody tried this truck yet? We are definitely curious…

UPDATE: Today they are parked on Park Ave. and 23rd St.