Quick Stop Kosher Truck is No Competition for W&D, But Their (Moshe’s) Falafel is Pretty Good

Your resident shiksa goddess has finally made it to Quick Stop Kosher (aka the kosher waffle truck) the other day. It was hard to track them down; first there wasn’t a Twitter, then they went to serve Mt. Sinai and on a religious fast. But I finally got my chance to have some falafel, and a waffle for lunch- even though it came with quizzical looks from their kosher patrons. For extra Jewish points, they now serve the layer-challenged Moshe’s Falafel (whatever that means. Maybe they buy all the ingredients from Moshe’s?)

Since it’s me, I had to have my waffle with ice cream first. This entire little dish you see here was $6.50. I tried to like this, but it wasn’t happening. The waffle isn’t fresh, the texture was similar to a dense danish, and I felt like I had paid more for packaging than anything else. Granted, the same order would cost you $2.50 more at Wafels & Dinges, but at least they’re generous with their toppings and I can get a Li├Ęge. I was so disappointed in this that I let the ice cream melt and moved onto my falafel.

I have to admit, this is my first time trying Moshe’s falafel. I never choose to walk 5 blocks out of my way to eat badly layered falafel, when I could just go across the street and get Kim’s Aunt or Biryani. So I was in for quite the surprise when this falafel came with tahini, a pickle, olives, and was about the size of my face. Quick Stop puts the pita together on the truck making the chances of getting a little bit of veggie and falafel in each bite much higher. And these salty balls were HUGE! The strange addition of sliced green olives brought a nice unique flavor to the sandwich without everything becoming too salty. I especially liked that they could be found throughout, not just as a topping. At $5.50, this is definitely the way to go when stopping at Quick Stop. Lesson learned: skip the waffle and get the falafel (look, I can rhyme.)

Quick Stop is definitely keeping some strange hours, but they do seem to be hitting Midtown at least once a week. Be sure to check their Twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker for details. And what do you know… according to their twitter they’ll be giving out free samples of Moshe’s Falafel balls today in the Flatiron from Noon to 2pm.


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