Moshe’s Falafel Moves 2nd Truck from Union Sq to Midtown


The Moshe’s Falafel truck that has been parked in Union Square for the past 6 months has given up on that spot and moved to 57th and Broadway.  According to the guys running the 2nd truck, business started off ok but has tapered off significantly during the winter.  So this week they decided to try out the NW corner of Midtown.  They haven’t settled on a permanent spot as of yet, but plan on being somewhere near 57th and Broadway every day starting around Noon.  Yesterday they were on Broadway btw. 56+57th on the West side of the street, and have already started to draw a crowd.

It’s been awhile since I’ve eaten at the Moshe’s Cart, so I decided to re-sample the goods…


Slightly better than I remember it from a few years ago (from the cart on 46th & 6th), my original complaints are still there: way too messy, and the distribution is all wrong.  I got one falafel ball on top, covered in tahini, then had to eat my way through a bunch of lettuce and tomato before getting to the other falafel balls on the bottom. Speaking of lettuce and tomato, if you are a big fan of the Israeli salad, you won’t find any here.  Another negative (unless you prefer lettuce and tomato.) Plus, I asked for hot sauce, but couldn’t taste any on the sandwich at all.  The falafel themselves are the big plus though… they have a great crunch on the outside, and were nice and moist on the inside (probably because I was there right when they opened and got mine fresh out of the fryer.)  The bread is forgettable, but all in all for $4.75 it’s tough to complain.

Amazingly, I just looked back at my Moshe’s Falafel post from 2006 and it could have easily been about the falafel I had yesterday. I guess at you can say they’re consistent.


The one thing that has changed is they added french fries a year or two ago.  They won’t put them on the actual sandwich (the way that Pick a Pita and Olympic Pita will) so I’ve never tried them… but yesterday decided to get an order.  For $3.50 you get a ton of shoestring fries in a bag (you can’t tell from the photo, because they’re at the bottom of a bag- but it’s a lot), and I love shoestring fries… so I was totally down with this.  If only we could get them to add the fries to the pita sandwich!!!  (Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge anyone?)

Regardless of whether Moshe’s is your favorite falafel or not, it’s a great addition to the one part of Midtown that is kind of devoid of falafel.  If you work near there, are are probably very excited today… (oh, and don’t wait too long to check it out, they will be closed for Passover.  So if you don’t make it by Wednesday, you’ll have to wait another week before they are back.)

THE + (What somebody who loves this place would say)

  • Tasty Israeli style falafel balls (when you get them fresh out of the fryer).  Nice and crunchy on the outside, crumbly on the inside
  • Cheap!  Sadly $4.75 is about as cheap as a falafel can get these days
  • I love shoestring fries! And you get a ton for $3.50
  • You get a whole pickle on top of your falafel
  • Not a lot of falafel in this area…

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Way too messy!
  • Too much tahini poured over the top
  • Falafel/lettuce/tomato/tahini distribution is terrible
  • Bread is out of a plastic bag, and not warmed up
  • I don’t like shoestring fries! (And they’re frozen in a bag…)

Moshe’s Falafel (2 Locations)

  • NE Corner of 46th & 6th
  • Somewhere around 57th & Broadway


  • uh, are we forgetting bread & olive? it’s $6, but blows moshe’s crap out of the water

  • That pickle covered in tahini looks obscene. Or maybe it’s just me ;-p

  • Moshe’s is crap, and bread and olive has tasty falafel, but b&o only give you 3 balls and it’s served in a nasty tortilla style wrap (i think they call it lavash but it’s not). for 6 bucks you will be hungry within the hour.
    neither 1 is worth it.

  • @mamacita. you’re right. the pickle and the big falafel ball covered in tahini. talk about food porn.

  • Can we do a great french fry off ?

    I love those fried ‘taters

  • Mamacita…ive not seen such a sight since I worked in Hongkong…….moral is….girls called sticky vicky….:Avoid.

    five guy’s does the best chips in america…unless it’s some french place thrice in duck fat.

    Im off to shoot a G20 protester in the kneecaps.

  • Whatever happened to Miriam’s Falafel, across the street from Moshe’s on 46th and 6th. They were ten times better than Moshe and then one day, disappeared… Like the phone guy in Seinfeld.

  • Hi all
    I don’t get into Manhattan very often. What kind of parking zone is this falafel truck parked in? Do these food trucks buy a yearly parking permit?

    Do the police ever tell them to scram?


  • …I wondered why I was getting wood from that photo

    Rudy, we haven’t seen top-shelf comments from you in months… welcome back, china and punch a G20 hippie for me

  • Miriam’s was good and their home-made hot sauce (charif) was great. They were a million times better than Moshe’s and they actually gave you hummus in your pita, unlike Moshe.

  • @ESNY – That’s a question I’ve been asking since the first day I started this site… that cart was gone before I started working in Midtown

  • Miriam’s was there through mid-2005

  • In case it’s relevant to any of your readers, Moshe is certified Kosher.

  • They were giving out falafel balls to taste today. Light and crisp. I’ll go back for a sandwich after I’m over this cold. Meanwhile the pint of veggie soup I picked up from them for $3.75 is doinging nicely, and is one of the cheapest options to be had in this neck of the woods.

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