Grill On Wheels And Chipsy King Hit Midtown

Last week, I noticed a truck I hadn’t seen before parked on 46th street between 6th and 7th. Grill on Wheels is relatively new to the streets, adding a new certified Kosher option to the lunch scene. Their menu isn’t going to make Midtown Lunchers very happy, with most items passing the $10 mark, including shawarma, schnitzel and something called “crazy chicken.” But, the burger falls within budget, so maybe that’s worth a taste. You can follow Grill on Wheels on twitter for their location.

But wait… there’s more.

Spotted in the same location later in the week was another newcomer. Chipsy King, which has been on the streets for about a month, is a offering Belgian fries, homemade sauces and organic juices. $5 will get you a large order of hand cut fries and sauce. They sporadically post their locations on either Facebook or Twitter, so keep an eye on their accounts if you’re looking for the truck. Has anyone checked out either truck yet? Let us know in the comments.

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  • This truck showed up on 45th and 6th today. It’s a strange experience. I asked what the shawarma was made of and they said “baby chicken.” Not sure what a baby chicken is (chick) and how the keep the chicken within the age limit. They charged me $14 even though the board said $12.95. They said a drink was included. I also found french fries in the bag.

    It was not obvious to me that fries and a drink were included.

    Food wise, I wasn’t overly impressed. Omar’s is far better. Their fries are really good and the portions are substantial.

    People should give it a shot and see what they think.

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