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Midtown Needs Taim Mobile to Visit More Often

On Sunday, at the Taste of Jewish Culture festival, Taim Mobile made an appearance and parked on the corner of 47th and Madison. They seem to park almost exclusively in the Flatiron most weekdays, which puts it way out of range for me (I’m in North Midtown-middle), and – on a personal note – I’ve tried a few times to go to their brick&mortar locations but apparently can’t keep my Jewish holidays straight – so when I saw the truck I got on line immediately.

Because FALAFEL.

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Taim’s Hummus Sandwich May Be One of My New Favorite Summer Lunches

Taïm Mobile Line

Much has been said about Taim’s falafal, and when you’ve waited on their serious line, it’s hard not come away with that fried goodness. But with warmer weather finally on the horizon, I’ve been craving a slightly lighter lunch and my go-to has been their hummus sandwich. Read more »

Taïm Mobile’s Harissa Falafel is Worth the Wait

Taïm Mobile Line
My, my, my how Midtown has fallen for the greatness being served by Taïm Mobile. It took our crew three tries just to get a sabich, but another one of their specials proved even more elusive, the harissa falafel. Last time I tried, they sold out with the person before me! When I spotted that special and their Midtown East location awhile back, I made sure to leave my desk no later than 12:15. 10 minutes later, I saw the line. Yes, I waited a good 40 minutes in line to finally get my hands on their harissa falafel.

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Taim Mobile Named Best Food Truck & Best Vegetarian Street Food in NYC

Green falafel @ TaimOn Friday Fork in the Road posted their top 10 best vegetarian street food dishes, and almost half of them can be found right here in Midtown.  Among their faves was the beet and goat cheese taco from Mexicue, the masala dosa from the Sami Dosa Cart, the chosun bowl from Korilla BBQ, and #1… everything on the menu at Taim Mobile- who was also just named Best Food Truck in New York Magazine’s annual Best of New York issue.

Taim Mobile’s Winter Lunch Special

Taim Mobile
After reading Chris’ Taim posts I’ve been eager to check out the truck myself. I’ve been a fan of their West Village brick and mortar for some time, but I’ve had terrible luck with their truck. Every time I’ve dropped by for falafel there’s there’s either a crazy line that scares me off or their out of falafel. This Monday, however, rainy weather + late lunch equaled falafel success.

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Sabich Hunters Will Want To Check Out Taim Mobile Today

Years ago, Zach publicly pined for a version of Taim’s sabich in Midtown, and now he finally got his wish. The Taim Mobile truck has introduced this Israeli dish to Midtown as an intermittent lunch special, though it’s proven to be a fleet fox. Both Jeremiah and I have tried to sample this dish on multiple occasions with little success, though I was finally lucky enough to track down this elusive item last week.

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This is unbelievable. Yesterday Taim Mobile sold out of the sabich special while Chris H. was waiting on line (around 1pm), and just a few minutes ago they sold their last harissa falafel ball TO THE PERSON ON LINE IN FRONT OF ME. This injustice will not stand, man. Lesson learned. If you want one of Taim Mobile’s specials, get there early.

Taim Mobile Introduces Sabich Special: It looks like Taim has figured out a way to sell their famous sabich on board their new food truck, because today they debuted the sandwich downtown as a special. It was supposed to be a one day special, but they're considering serving it again tomorrow in Midtown. Is that something you think we maybe might be interested in?

Don’t Get Too Excited for Taim Mobile’s Sabich: Ever since reading this post on Serious Eats we've been huge fans of the sabich, a Middle Eastern sandwich featuring hard boiled eggs and fried eggplant.  So imagine how pumped we were to read that Taim Mobile would start serving it this week.  Sadly, it's not true.  We checked in with the owners, and they said it was a misunderstanding.  Making the sandwich on the truck isn't feasible right now.

Taim Mobile May be the Best Lunch Truck in Midtown (Vegetarian or Otherwise)

Taim Mobile Truck

Taim is a veritable New York institution at this point. The quality of their product has earned them a legion of devoted followers, plenty of superlatives from food media, and recently received the prestigious distinction as the “Best Falafel Sandwich in New York City” by the folks from Serious Eats. On the back of their popularity, they’ve spun off a sister restaurant, the upscale bistro Balaboosta, and they’ve recently hit the streets with a mobile food truck. A few weeks ago, downtown correspondent Andrea got a first look at the Taim Mobile truck, and last Friday, I was lucky enough to nab lunch from the Taim truck in my neighborhood of Midtown West.

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