Taim Mobile’s Winter Lunch Special

Taim Mobile
After reading Chris’ Taim posts I’ve been eager to check out the truck myself. I’ve been a fan of their West Village brick and mortar for some time, but I’ve had terrible luck with their truck. Every time I’ve dropped by for falafel there’s there’s either a crazy line that scares me off or their out of falafel. This Monday, however, rainy weather + late lunch equaled falafel success.

Taim Mobile Winter Lunch Special
As I was waiting in a short line debating my options, their “winter lunch special” caught my eye. A green falafel sandwich plus your choice of ginger mint lemonade or homemade pomegranate-honey iced tea for $8. Sold. With their smaller falafel balls, Taim has the sandwich layering down so you get falafel goodness, hummus, Israeli salad, pickled cabbage, and tahini sauce in pretty much each bite. The spicy S’rug (Yemeni hot sauce) gives it a unique bite that you don’t find with just any falafel.

The lemonade first hits you with its sweetness, but leaves you with a touch of spiced heat from the ginger. Very refreshing. If you are sweet adverse the iced tea which you can ask for unsweetened or only slightly sweetened might be a better choice.

Winter may seem far from over but you only have a few short weeks to catch the winter special. When the weather starts improving the special will go off the menu. Today they’re parked on 40th and 6th with red falafel as their special.  You can keep track of Taim Mobile via their twitter account or the ML Twitter Tracker.

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