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Swami’s (Sammy’s, or maybe Sami?) Dosa Cart Shows Up on 50th Street

Nestled among all the bigger food trucks and carts that garner long lines every day on 50th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue, we discovered a mysterious dosa cart.  You may remember Sami Dosa Cart, which parked in this area a few years ago and was a favorite among Midtown Lunchers. It’s easy to mistake this cart for that one since the font is practically the same and on one side of the cart it even says “Sammy’s Dosa.” But the other side of the cart calls it “Indian Swami Chennai.” Could they be one in the same?

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O Sami Dosa Cart, Where Art Thou?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Sami Dosa Cart come across ML’s pages. Unfortunately, it looks like time has caused it to unfortunately go the way of the Gangnam Style cart. While not the victim of internet memetics and thus going mobile towards uptown, the Sami Dosa Cart is AWOL. Anyone seen a lentil-crepe purveyor out there on the streets?

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Sami Dosa Cart Makes a Great Masala Uthappam

Sami Dosa

It’s been awhile since we dropped in on Sami’s Dosa Cart, which in my opinion is one of the best still semi under the radar cart options in midtown, so I was happy to see it getting some serious love in the forums. The dosas are a natural pick, but the Masala Uthappam also makes for a great lunch. Read more »

Midtown Kati Krawl Yields Definitive Winner

biryani kati rolls 2

When you’re the food blogger in the family you often get co-opted into the food decider role–the person in charge of picking the food outing that the whole family will enjoy. I love introducing people to new foods, but still it comes with a good bit of pressure. Months ago I introduced my husband’s aunt to kati rolls and she’s been raving about them ever since. With my husband’s mother, brother and sister in town it was clear that kati rolls would be on tap and with so many eager eaters it seemed an apt opportunity to embark on a kati krawl. Read more »

Finally Tracking Down the Elusive Sami’s Dosa Cart

Sami Dosa

For awhile I feared that Sami’s Dosa Cart was a figment of my imagination. I first read about it in a tip from Lunch’er Adam Prato, but after multiple failed dosa excursions to 55th and Broadway I gave up. Fortunately another tip lead us to the cart’s current location on 39th and Broadway. Read more »

Sami Dosa Cart Pops Up Again on B’way

Thanks to @cardamond for pointing this one out on Twitter… Sami’s Dosa cart, which popped up on Broadway and 55th across from the Letterman theater before promptly disappearing again, has appeared on Broadway and 39th. The tipster said that it took awhile for his food, but the onion chilly dosa was yummy.  We might have to do a dosa showdown between this cart and the other dosa cart, parked just one block away (on 39th and 6th).

New “Sami Dosa Cart” Spotted On Broadway

Thanks to Lunch’er Adam Prato for sending in this one… yesterday a new Dosa cart popped up on Broadway btw. 54+55th across from the Letterman show.  The cart’s menu has a few different kinds of dosa, as well as uttapan, falafel, samosas, and biriyani. Adam’s job is moving Downtown starting next week, so I guess this is kind of his parting gift to Midtown Lunchers.  Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.