O Sami Dosa Cart, Where Art Thou?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Sami Dosa Cart come across ML’s pages. Unfortunately, it looks like time has caused it to unfortunately go the way of the Gangnam Style cart. While not the victim of internet memetics and thus going mobile towards uptown, the Sami Dosa Cart is AWOL. Anyone seen a lentil-crepe purveyor out there on the streets?

The confused-looking gentleman in the photo, owner of the southwest 39th and Broadway breakfast cart being packed up, hasn’t seen the dosa man in a while. He mentioned when I asked him that there’d been a few other people who have asked but he’s been gone for quite some time. It’s a shame – for $6 you could get a mysore masala dosa with sambar, which was a huge, carby vegetarian dose of tastiness. Even better, he’d put in enough spiciness to equate to what your average Delhian (Delhiite?) would want in terms of hot pepper.

Yelp spotters last note its presence as of August 24th, 2012. If you see the cart, let us know – it’s cold enough to merit some masala!


  • I don’t think the Gangnam Style cart is gone — just inconsistent. I saw it at 32nd and Madison (a street south of its past hangout) last week, I think Wednesday.

  • The Sami Dosa cart hasn’t been there for like…. over a year? This summer the “Swami” Dosa Cart was there on occasion, but I think the last time I spotted him was later summer. He was not as good as the Sami cart though, so…. no real loss. We (a bunch of lunchers and myself) had a whole forum post about this saga, but since the forums are kaput, it is gone…

    • Oh and actually, you’ve linked to the Swami Cart yelp page, not the Sami cart. Those are definitely different carts, fyi, kind of a moot point though since they’re both MIA

  • O Freak of the Week post, Where Art Thou?

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