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Former SMP Winner Kwik Gourmet is Still on Its Game

Speaking of street meat… underneath the scaffolding at the southwest corner of 47th St. at Park is the Kwik Gourmet cart, which you may remember as the winner of Street Meat Palooza 3 in 2010. That win was four years ago, and the cart has never had a proper review on this site. I wanted to correct that wrong (OK, and really wanted an excuse to eat street meat), and any street cart that regularly draws a line of suits from the nearby banks and offices on Park must be earning their business. A look at their lamb + chicken over rice, and some bonus shrimp action, straight ahead.  Read more »

Kwik Meal’s Been Off the Street For DOH Inspection

You may have wondered, as Luncher Vic did in an email we received, what was going on with the original Kwik Meal cart this week. Some days it’s been missing and on other days there was a much smaller cart in its place, serving the same food and bearing the same logo. Well, the mystery is solved. The cart is at its biennial inspection and on certain days, the guys have been able to rent a smaller cart to operate. Let’s hope everything moves quickly and easily at the inspection so they are back on the street permanently again soon. Owner Muhammed Rahman ensured us they will be out in one form or another today.

Kwik Meal Introduces Customer Rewards Card

Old time favorite Kwik Meal on 45th and 6th is now offering rewards for their loyal customers. Instead of a paper punchcard, they are giving out plastic cards that they will scan every time you make a purchase. For each transaction, you get a 10% cash credit uploaded to the card. So basically that means after you buy one meal 10 times, you get the next one free. That will certainly help us deal with the rising costs of lamb!

Kwik Delights Relocates to 36th Street

I was surprised to discover Kwik Delights, the most recent addition to the Kwik Meal empire, set up on 36th and 6th Avenue yesterday. That’s quite a ways from its usual spot on 45th and 3rd. The guys working the cart told me they moved last week because another vendor took their spot and instead of fighting with him, they found a new spot. I’m sort of surprised they didn’t hold tight since they’ve fostered that location for the last few years, but this is certainly a welcome addition to this area of Midtown. Even though the original Kwik Meal is just nine blocks north, you can now get your chicken schwarma and quality lamb right here (especially since the price is back down to $9!)

Kwik Meal’s Lamb On Rice Is Under $10 Again!

Back in September, we were dismayed to learn that lamb prices had risen so much that Kwik Meal’s famous lamb on rice could no longer be considered a Midtown Lunch. Thankfully, the price of lamb has gone down, putting Kwik Meal back in the game once again. While the prices aren’t what they were prior to the hike, lamb on rice is now $9 and the lamb on pita is $8.  Thanks to Lunch’er midtownCustomer for tipping us off in the forums!

Kwik Meal, SW Corner of 45th and 6th

Kwik Meal Adds Daily Specials To Their Menu

A year ago Kwik Meal rolled into 2011 by adding Kati Rolls to their menu, an item I personally support on a regular basis (and may single handedly make worth their while to keep on the menu). And it looks like they have kicked off 2012 in much the same way, by offering a new batch of daily specials. Every day they’ve got something different, sometimes chicken biryani, other times shrimp … and also goat biryani! I guess goat must be a less expensive meat than lamb, with the special coming in just under $10. Of course, their famous lamb over rice exceeded the Midtown Lunch budget last fall, disappointing street meat lovers all over Midtown, so I’m personally looking forward to see how goat measures up in taste and texture. Unfortunately, by the time I saw this, I had already gotten my lunch, but I’d love to know if anyone’s checked it out yet!  Early adopters, let us know what you think in the comments.

Kwik Meal, SW Corner of 45th and 6th

Kwik Meal Adds Beef Sticks, Increases Lamb Prices (Again!)

Kwik Meal appears to be making a foray into the beef market. With lamb prices on the rise (more on that in a sec), pricing the cart out of ML range for the lamb on rice, I usually go for their chicken kati roll. But today, my eyes wandered, and I saw something I hadn’t noticed before: beef sticks!

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Kwik Meal Implements Massive Price Hike

kwik meal price hike
Photo courtesy of @jareddiamond

Is Kwik Meal (on 45th and 6th) no longer a “Midtown Lunch”?!  We don’t know much about the price of lamb, but apparently it’s gone up- possibly as much as $3 a pound, if this sign is to be believed.  If the language seems confusing, allow us to break it down for you… Kwik Meal’s famous lamb over rice (one of the only versions in Midtown that uses real lamb and not gyro meat) is now $11, up from $8, and their lamb on pita is a whopping $10, up from $7.  Kwik Meal was always a bit on the pricey side, and we understand that food costs are what they are, but $11 for a plate of street meat seems kind of insane.  Will you pay?  Or has the original Street Meat Palooza champ just priced themselves out of the market?

Highlights From Our 5th Birthday Party

Crowd shot

On Saturday we gathered together at City Winery with a couple hundred of our closest friends to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Midtown Lunch (yes, we too are surprised this thing has been around for 5 years!)   A great time was had by all thanks to the amazing food (provided graciously by Kwik Meal, The Biryani Cart, Cer Te, Ma Peche, Food Gallery 32, El Rey del Sabor, Tri Tip Grill, Wafels & Dinges, Miss Softee & the Rolling Cones, Kelvin Slush, and Momofuku Milk Bar) and the endless drinks courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery and GuS’s soda.

Check out the highlights, after the jump…

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Kwik Meal Has Got the Breast Chicken Ever Now

Kwik Meal has arguably the best (yet priciest) lamb of all the food carts in Midtown. Certainly it’s the highest quality- he uses actual lamb leg meat instead of the processed gyro stuff. It’s tender, flavorful, and delicious, and I always felt like it overshadowed his passable chicken. He uses the dark thigh meat which I sometimes find a bit chewy and fatty.

Well, earlier this week a sign went up on the cart that lists a new menu item called “Chicken Breast Kabob”. Of course as popular as it is with some people, breast meat has problems of its own… the biggest being that it’s often overcooked, dry and bland. But somehow I knew Kwik Meal wouldn’t disappoint.

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