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Former SMP Winner Kwik Gourmet is Still on Its Game

Speaking of street meat… underneath the scaffolding at the southwest corner of 47th St. at Park is the Kwik Gourmet cart, which you may remember as the winner of Street Meat Palooza 3 in 2010. That win was four years ago, and the cart has never had a proper review on this site. I wanted to correct that wrong (OK, and really wanted an excuse to eat street meat), and any street cart that regularly draws a line of suits from the nearby banks and offices on Park must be earning their business. A look at their lamb + chicken over rice, and some bonus shrimp action, straight ahead.  Read more »

Every Day Fresh Halal Food Looks A Lot Like Kwik Meal

Upon returning from lunch one afternoon, close to the trinity-turned-tetrad of Japanese places on 41st Btw. Mad. + 5th (Cafe Zaiya, Yagura, Mai Cuisine, and Sunrise Mart), I happened upon a sidewalk halal cart called Every Day Fresh Halal Food that appeared to be new. Could it be so? I did a bit of research and I couldn’t surface a thing. I went by to try them out a few days later, and found out they had indeed only been at this location for a short while… and something about their food seemed oddly familiar.

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3rd Ave Halal Cart’s Hot Sauce is Hot!


For anyone that has eaten from many different Halal carts know that not all carts serve the same hot sauce. I mean it’s hot sauce but not all of them are actually hot. Some may just give you a slight kick in the throat while some will burn your face off. So far I haven’t found a hot sauce that really kicked my ass, until now.

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Check Out El Rey Del Sabor’s Off The Menu Street Meat!

El Rey Del Sabor’s carts have long been a mainstay of Mexican Midtown Lunch’ing. Their menu has everything you’d expect: tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos. But did you know that they also serve a Mexified version of classic street meat? I sure didn’t until I saw someone get a plate of it from the cart on 43rd and 6th. The only logical thing for me to do was order one of my own (Street Meat Palooza 4 results might not be out yet, but it’s never too early to start doing research for next year).

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Tazy Halal Food Serves a Great Chicken and Rice


We get pretty excited when new halal carts pop up in Midtown.  Even though there is practically one on every block, new ones don’t come along that often.  So when I spotted Tazy Halal Food (on44th btw 2+3rd) last week right across the street from my office, I had to check it out. The menu looked like pretty standard Halal cart stuff (chicken and rice, lamb and rice, gyro and etc), but the cart quickly proved me wrong.

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Flatiron Lunch: Madison Ave Halal Truck Serves Some Good Chicken

Every Friday our man UltraClay goes south of the ML boundaries in search of a delicious lunch. Sometimes it’s Murray Hill south or the Flatiron District, sometimes Gramercy and everything in between- but we just like to call it Flatiron Lunch. He’s still out of the country this week, so Donny has stepped in to take over.

Flatiron Lunch

A while back fellow lunch’er Goats had mentioned a halal truck on Mad btw. 27+28th. But my craving for street meat comes and goes. Sometimes it’s the farthest thing in my mind while sometimes I’ll happily eat it every freakin day. And it just so happened that while I was walking down on Madison Ave, I found the halal truck that Goats talked about and the smell of curry drew me in. It smelled delicious and struck my halal food craving.

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If You Like Your Street Meat Real Spicy, Try the Blue Halal Cart

Halal cart
For some reason Midtown east just isn’t blessed by the abundance of street meat carts like in Midtown west. It may just be where I work but so far I have only seen NY Biryani Express, XPL and this blue Halal cart on 46th & 3rd. Does anyone know the name of this cart? I couldn’t find their name.

One day I decided to check out Jerk Pan after spotting them a week earlier on Park Ave. Though once I got to the spot, they were nowhere to be found (I wonder if they were kicked out by the cops as well?) On my walk back to 3rd Ave, I saw the blue Halal cart and decided to give them a try.

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Kimo Food Cart (aka Sarah’s) Street Meat is Better Than Their Website

Websites and Twitter accounts have become an invaluable tool to many mobile food vendors. The internet is generally the playground of new school vendors with fusion-y menus, gourmet ingredients, and (mostly) smart, aggressive marketing campaigns. But every once in a while, an old school vendor decides to step into the cyber-arena with amusing/confounding results. Such is the case of Kimo Food (aka the self-proclaimed best street food in NYC), a cart whose site actually makes them harder to locate (and features picture of other people’s food, lifted directly from Midtown Lunch!)
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Das Racist Doesn’t Eat Street Meat Anymore

Das Racist, the New York rap outfit responsible for “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”, likes to be taken to eat soup dumplings, but had this to say to Eater about street meat: “I don’t fuck with street meat anymore but when I was a teenager we’d drive in from Queens to get some chicken and rice or hit up 53rd and 6th after a long night out.” No more street meat!? Clearly we need to take these guys to XPL, Little Morocco, or Kwik Meal and get them back on the wagon. [Eater via Food is the New Rock]

White & Hot Truck Makes a Pretty Good Kofte


After reading luncher “GreeZeyFreezey’s” second rave about the White & Hot Halal Truck last week, I decided to finally check it out. It’s been a while since I’ve had any street meat and the time seemed right for a chicken and lamb over rice. I was just about to order when I noticed that they offered kofte over rice as well. You don’t see that nearly as often as ‘lamb’ or whatever’s in that gyro loaf. Given how well reviewed these guys were, I decided to try it out.

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