If You Like Your Street Meat Real Spicy, Try the Blue Halal Cart

Halal cart
For some reason Midtown east just isn’t blessed by the abundance of street meat carts like in Midtown west. It may just be where I work but so far I have only seen NY Biryani Express, XPL and this blue Halal cart on 46th & 3rd. Does anyone know the name of this cart? I couldn’t find their name.

One day I decided to check out Jerk Pan after spotting them a week earlier on Park Ave. Though once I got to the spot, they were nowhere to be found (I wonder if they were kicked out by the cops as well?) On my walk back to 3rd Ave, I saw the blue Halal cart and decided to give them a try.

Street meat

I got chicken and lamb over rice with white and hot sauce for $5. Just by looking at it, it looked pretty standard stuff. When I dug in I realized the pieces of chicken were all dark meat. Tender juicy dark meat. I’m sure many other Halal carts serve their chicken meat like that but it was my first time seeing that (yeah I don’t eat enough street meat). So that was a nice plus. The pieces of lamb were good but didn’t standout compared to other street meats.

I’m not a huge fan of spicy. Sure, I’ll sometimes get a craving for something spicy (usually kimchi) and when it comes to street meat I obviously get the hot sauce. And boy does this one pack a punch, so much so that I had an extra appreciation for the cool white sauce and the salad.

If you’re around 46th & 3rd Ave and is craving for some really spicy street meat, give this Halal cart a try.   think I smell a Street Meat Palooza 4 contestant. Oh, and before leaving with my lunch I noticed their Friday fish special. Guess I know what I’ll be eating on Friday.

Blue Halal Cart, 46th St and 3rd Ave


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    I used to work around the corner and would go to these guys all the time. Don’t know the name of the cart, but the guy running it was called Guillermo, and they made a kick ass chicken platter.

    The best thing was, they did a small version for $3.50, perfect if you are hungry, but not THAT hungry.

  • You noticed that the cart doesn’t appear to have a name. Then you went to the cart and purchased food from the cart but evidently didn’t ask the proprietor if the cart has a name. Then you ask readers if they know the name of the cart.

    Am I missing something or are you very slow?

  • I’m taking your post with a grain of salt since you start off saying you don’t like spicy food followed by this hot sauce packs a punch. Plus, your ratio of white sauce to hot sauce is really skewed towards the white for my tastes (I usually don’t get any white sauce on street meat).

    I’ve walked past this cart tons of time and wrote him off as just another generic halal cart. But, I’m gonna give this cart a try since I love all things spicy.

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