Flatiron Lunch: Madison Ave Halal Truck Serves Some Good Chicken

Every Friday our man UltraClay goes south of the ML boundaries in search of a delicious lunch. Sometimes it’s Murray Hill south or the Flatiron District, sometimes Gramercy and everything in between- but we just like to call it Flatiron Lunch. He’s still out of the country this week, so Donny has stepped in to take over.

Flatiron Lunch

A while back fellow lunch’er Goats had mentioned a halal truck on Mad btw. 27+28th. But my craving for street meat comes and goes. Sometimes it’s the farthest thing in my mind while sometimes I’ll happily eat it every freakin day. And it just so happened that while I was walking down on Madison Ave, I found the halal truck that Goats talked about and the smell of curry drew me in. It smelled delicious and struck my halal food craving.

Flatiron Lunch

I have been eating at the wrong halal trucks because I have never gotten a falafel with my lunch before! Fries, sure.  I’m always hoping for some fries but a random falafel will do. $6 is a dollar more than what I usually pay for a combo over rice, but this one was really good. As usual the pieces of lamb were pretty standard  but the pieces of chicken with the taste of curry were excellent. Combined with the hot and white sauce and the rice it was a perfect bite. I’d be happy to eat from this halal truck if I was in the area more often. Oh, and you have choice for rice (white or yellow).

Even though the truck itself seems pretty generic, the curry flavor made it stand out. And they were friendly too. I also liked that this truck is parked so close to Madison Square park. Eating outside makes everything taste better.

Madison Ave Halal Truck, Madison Ave btw. 27+28th St.


  • I’ve actually avoided the daytime truck for a couple of years b/c of the pervasive curryness going on. They charge 6 buckS now? Damn. The night time truck charges 5, and is the one I usually hit. It’s a differnt truck run by different guys, even though it’s in the same spot. I stick to the lamb and falafal combo with yellow rice and salad, which is curryless and tasty. I used to like the daytime one’s chicken hero, but then it turned into chicken CURRY hero and it ruined it! I had to spit it out one day and haven’t been back for it. Thinking about it gives me the shivers, in a bad way…

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    i just went to the truck today. i didnt slather the food in white sauce like in the image, just the basic amount when the guy says “hot and white sauce?” everything was pretty basic tasting. i have a little bit of curry flavor in my mouth but didnt notice it while eating. all in all a very forgettable meal other than the fact it was the first time i saw french fries and a falafel ball with my halal food

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