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Kwik Meal Cart Rolls into 2011 with Kati Rolls

Kwik Meal

We at Midtown Lunch love our kati rolls, and it’s no secret that we’re huge fans of the Kwik Meal cart (on the SW corner of 45th and 6th). Up until earlier this week, kati rolls and Kwik Meal were mutually exclusive, but no more! Thanks to a tip off from ESNY in the forums, we learned that Kwik Meal recently started carrying these Indian delicacies, so I hurried over to 45th St and 6th Ave to check ‘em out.

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“Meals on Wheels” Pops Up on 49th; Fried Chicken Cart Adds Spaghetti & Meatballs

Meals on Wheels Cart

I noticed a couple of new developments in the world of food carts during a little Midtown wandering yesterday. First off, a new halal cart has entered into the Midtown fray on the NW corner of 49th and Park Ave, directly across from our friends at El Rey del Sabor. The cart, Meals on Wheels, apparently set up shop there two weeks ago, and are pricing their chicken and rice platters at $3.99. Added bonus: the interior still has that “new cart” shine.

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Little Morocco No Longer Serving Kofta or Shrimp

The last few times I’ve gone to Little Morocco, the delicious street meat cart on the NE corner of 39th and 7th, I’ve asked for the kofta over rice and gotten a shake of the head in reply. I assumed they kept selling out. But yesterday I noticed that the kofta and fried shrimp had been duct taped. The guy running the cart told me that he’d stopped making the kofta because no one was buying it (seriously?!?), and that he’d bring it back if customer demand was there. This means two of the items that put Little Morocco on the map have been discontinued indefinitely. So, head down to Little Morocco and tell him to bring them back. We want kofta! In the meantime, maybe I’ll finally try the fish that Danny liked.

Healthy Vegetarian Cart Now 99% Vegetarian

99% Vegetarian Food Cart

Yesterday, as promised, I hit up the Famous Halal Guys and the Healthy Vegetarian Cart (both on 52nd btw. 6+7th) for a mashup platter and I discovered that the Vegetarian Cart is now sporting a 99% vegetarian food sign in recognition of their brand new grilled chicken lunch special. Yes, the vegetarians are now serving chicken…real chicken.

But before we get distracted by what to call a “vegetarian” cart that serves meat, let’s talk chili/street meat mashup…

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Fahima Halal Takes On Kwik Meal *And* The Biriyani Cart


Kwik Meal vs. Fahima, bumper against bumper, brother against brother, the side by side street cart family feud on the SW corner of 45th Street and 6th Avenue rages on! Yet in the black cloud of this Greek tragedy is there perhaps a silver lining? Out of this great turmoil might there be great rewards? With some new additions to Fahima’s menu, I certainly hoped so. Bear with me people; I’m inspired by Halal not Homer. Ehem, So then, here’s my first take.

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After All The Hype, Kebab Express Doesn’t Disappoint

I’m always up for trying a street meat cart that comes recommended by a reader, so when Lunch’er “Matt” sent in that account of Kebab Express (on 55th and 6th) I knew eventually I would have to try it (at the very least, as part of Street Meat Palooza 3!) But once I saw the YouTube video, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer. If these guys spent half as much time on their food as they did making that video (it’s 7 minutes and 20 seconds worth of photos) it couldn’t be bad, right!?

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Lunch’er Matt Reports: Kabab Express

Alright back to the work at hand (aka finding lunch in Midtown).  Got this email from Lunch’er Matt about a street meat cart on 55th and 6th that he thinks everybody should check out (and you know I’m always up for new street meats!)

Kebab Express

I’ve been meaning to share with you a newish street meat cart… but my co-worker who found it (and gushed about it) didn’t want me to. But I think we’d both like to insure its survival by having it appear on Midtown Lunch. It is called Kabab Express and it is located on the southeast corner of 55th and 6th, just in from the LOVE sign. I’ve only tried 3 things there so far, chicken and rice, lamb kabab over rice and the chicken kabab over rice. The standout is the chicken kabab which they marinate overnight in little bags for each skewer and come out tasting perfectly cooked and well seasoned with what I think is cumin and cinnamon. Because the kababs take some time as they are cooked to order, the cart has a phone number and a flyer that they give away so you can call ahead of time.

The flyer and more is after the jump…

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New Pump Location is Serving “Street Meat”

Unless they’re offering free food, I pretty much have no reason to ever want to step into a location of Pump Energy Food… until now.  Thrillist is reporting that a brand new Pump just opened on 52nd btw. Lex+3rd, and they’re serving “an adobo-marinated bison and yogurt-dill sauce job called the Street Meat” (only available at this new location.)  I’m normally not interested in low fat alternatives to my favorite foods, but it is a new year… and I have to admit I’m kind of curious.  UPDATE: Just got an email from Pump, who clarify that the new street meat special is called the “Spicy Dilligan” and is “a healthy take on the Rafiqi’s street meat”. PLUS “anyone who comes in today gets $5 off any order of $10 or more if they use the password “Midtown Lunch” at the cash register.”

La Baguette Cafe is Mamacita’s New Favorite Street Meat

Our Happy Hour Correspondent “Mamacita” isn’t all alcohol all the time.  She also enjoys her street meat… so when she told me that she had a great chicken and lamb over rice plate from La Baguette Truck (a strangely named halal truck that I’ve walked by many times, but never pulled the trigger on), I told her to her write it up for everyone to enjoy!  Here’s her report…


Every once in a while you find yourself in midtown after dark and seek the comfort of a reliable street cart for dinner. I was in Bryant Park recently on the first cold night of December and my initial thought was that of the cart on 40th St. & Broadway, the 3rd place winner of Street Meat Palooza 1. Unfortunately I found it’s only a daytime cart, so after I got there I reluctantly looked towards the truck that I’ve seen for years on the opposite side of the street. It’s called “La Baguette Cafe,” and has a Parisian motif but with a typical Halal menu. I was hungry so I figured after all these years I’d finally bite the bullet and check it out. Of course I went with the ML staple: chicken and lamb over rice… but I was surprised by what I got for $5.50.

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Miss Softee’s Favorite Street Meat


If there’s one things I love about eating street meat in Midtown is that everybody has their own favorite spot for chicken and lamb over rice. Sure, some of the halal carts have become more famous- and Street Meat Palooza has crowned two different winners. But most people have their favorite spot (usually close to their work) where the guy knows your order, and makes it just the way you like it. And while it may not win any awards, it doesn’t make it any less worthy of being patronized.

So yesterday when Miss Softee (yes, that Miss Softee!) offered to take me to her favorite street meat cart, I immediately took her up on the offer.

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