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Meals on Wheels Cart is Rafiqi in Sheep’s Clothing?: Remember the new "Meals on Wheels" cart we told you about on 49th & Park last week? Apparently it's just a rebranded Rafiqi's cart! Though the actual cart is new, the permit never changed hands and it's the same guy who harassed El Rey del Sabor a year and a half ago. Obviously the owner is hoping that's all water under the bridge, and they can both park on the same block... we'll see.

“Meals on Wheels” Pops Up on 49th; Fried Chicken Cart Adds Spaghetti & Meatballs

Meals on Wheels Cart

I noticed a couple of new developments in the world of food carts during a little Midtown wandering yesterday. First off, a new halal cart has entered into the Midtown fray on the NW corner of 49th and Park Ave, directly across from our friends at El Rey del Sabor. The cart, Meals on Wheels, apparently set up shop there two weeks ago, and are pricing their chicken and rice platters at $3.99. Added bonus: the interior still has that “new cart” shine.

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