Meals on Wheels Cart is Rafiqi in Sheep’s Clothing?

Remember the new “Meals on Wheels” cart we told you about on 49th & Park last week? Apparently it’s just a rebranded Rafiqi’s cart! Though the actual cart is new, the permit never changed hands and it’s the same guy who harassed El Rey del Sabor a year and a half ago. Obviously the owner is hoping that’s all water under the bridge, and they can both park on the same block… we’ll see.


  • He won’t be “Meals on wheels” much longer after he gets a cease and desist from the real Meals on Wheels.

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    Good, i remember reading about this and never spent my money on any rafiqi’s since then. and it wasn’t just harrassing the mexican cart, the mexican cart came AFTER the Teriyaki cart run by two Chinese fellows…

    the harrassment worked on them unfortunately and they probably gave up, then came the mexican cart.

    Now, wassup with being a good muslim??? Secondly, in both cases the cart wasn’t also selling skinned chopped chicken quarter leg meat (wholesale price prob. 10cents a pound) over some rice w/ hot and white. They were mexican and Asian foods, sigh.

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