Lunch’er Matt Reports: Kabab Express

Alright back to the work at hand (aka finding lunch in Midtown).  Got this email from Lunch’er Matt about a street meat cart on 55th and 6th that he thinks everybody should check out (and you know I’m always up for new street meats!)

Kebab Express

I’ve been meaning to share with you a newish street meat cart… but my co-worker who found it (and gushed about it) didn’t want me to. But I think we’d both like to insure its survival by having it appear on Midtown Lunch. It is called Kabab Express and it is located on the southeast corner of 55th and 6th, just in from the LOVE sign. I’ve only tried 3 things there so far, chicken and rice, lamb kabab over rice and the chicken kabab over rice. The standout is the chicken kabab which they marinate overnight in little bags for each skewer and come out tasting perfectly cooked and well seasoned with what I think is cumin and cinnamon. Because the kababs take some time as they are cooked to order, the cart has a phone number and a flyer that they give away so you can call ahead of time.

The flyer and more is after the jump…

Kebab Express

But you can call ahead of time for any order. They also have 2 types of rice, a yellow and a brown. The brown rice is a fantastic rice pilaf type that is moist but not oily. With the chicken and rice (not the kabab) you get a couple french fries, and a falafel ball along with the salad…just like we all like. The falafel ball is really well spiced so that is probably a good choice to order as well. And I tried their green hot sauce last time and it might give Kwik Meal a run for their money…not necessarily in the spiceness department, but it is full of flavor.

The portions are a little smaller than the Famous Halal Guys but not by much and I usually feel stuffed when I eat the whole 56th&6th chicken and rice in one sitting. But I think the quality is better and it is slightly less greasy but not less flavorfull.

Hmmm… going to have to check this out!

Kabab Express, SE Corner of 55th and 6th Ave.


  • Hey now, I’ve walked by that cart going to Carnegie John’s before.

    I will have to check them out too. Any idea how late they stick around? I can do it for dinner tonight. Haha.

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    Anyone tried Fahima cart next to Kwik Meal Cart?

  • I’m intrigued by the Fish and Chips. I’m guessing they have a deep fryer, but is the fish homemade or supermarket style? We need more fish options on Fridays for the good Catholics ;-P

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    Hope you guys like it as much as I do. When I told the guy I was going to tell Zach about it for Midtown Lunch he was very excited.

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    and StreetMeasOnsumer3008, give him a call to find out when he’ll be there until and let us know

  • I can’t go tonight. I forgot to carry more cash/ debit card with me. Oh well. I wish halal carts took plastic. LOLOL.

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    Yeah, if all street carts took plastic that would be pretty amazing.

  • It’s amazing how “cashless” the younger generation is. In my day, we veered away from paper checks and into the newfangled ATMs, with most transactions by cash (pre-debit cards). *nostalgic sigh*

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    It’s a catagory I always wanted Zach “I’ll eat any ole’ greasy good thing/now moving to LA” to explore – street meat that doesn’t give you Delhi belly – and you can still get something done at work.

    One reason Kwik Meal is a top fav.

    Will try this one.

  • Plastic all the way. Haha. I didn’t have my debit card with me or time to go to bank in person since it was kinda late leaving work. Oh well. I’ll try kebab express next week and for lunch instead soI don’t wait til Friday.

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    Remember the days when banks were opened from 9-3 5 days a week and you actually had to budget your cash?
    Nowadays funds are TOO accessible, it’s just way too easy to spend. Banks open 7 days a week from dawn until dinner, not even sliding cards but just waving them to pay for goods. I bet there are a fair number who don’t even reconcile their checking, just take the banks word for it.

    No wonder there is so much debt.

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    Careful, young lady, lest you find yourself over my knees.

  • I tried the checken kebab over rice and salad on Friday. It was very tasty and it looked better than the one in the picture. I really liked it. They have something on the menu that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. It’s called “Kobideh.” They said it’s a “persian” meat of some sort. It looks really interesting.

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    @Harry, yeah, the picture is of the standard chicken & rice, not the kebab. Kobideh is a minced meat kebab(usually lamb or beef) usually mixed with parsley and onions.
    I gotta try that from them.

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    In what surely must be a first, a food cart posted a video on youtube showing pictures of themselves and their food. The guy working there told me to check it out yesterday.

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    I love this cart too. Amusingly, they are set up right in front of 1350 Sixth Ave in basically the same spot the apparently-cursed Street Sweets truck tried to carve out for themselves last year. No word on whether the distasteful owners of Bistro Milano are upset about the heavenly smell of halal wafting across their precious outdoor seating.

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    After reading everyone’s comments i decided to taste this carts food for my self.I usually dont eat fast food but i had to try it. Me and a few of my friends went to the city on friday and decided to stop at kabab express first off the CART looked nice and clean. That is my main concern when i do buy food from any where. Then we ordered a variety of food… brown rice with chicken kabab, brown rice and kobideh kabab, fish and chips and a falafel sandwhich(it is very hard to find vegitarian food that is tasty) .We ordered so much and it was so cheap and worth it. The food looked as if it was from a restuarnt not greasy just perfect. we then went to sony plaza and had our lunch. The food was so good and we ate so much that we couldnt move. I liked the fish and chips it was very tasty.. if only there was a cart by my job in bayside then i would always buy my lunch from it. with all the different orders i wouldnt get tiered from it. Whenever i go to the city i will be always visiting this Kabab Express for lunch.

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