Shendy’s Becomes Part of Famous Halal Guys 53rd & 6th Empire


A few months ago fans of Shendy’s Halal (on 52nd and 6th) started noticing some changes in the cart.  The containers had changed, the hot sauce was hotter, the meat was different.  We weren’t sure what was going on at the time, but one thing was clear… they were not serving the same food that scored them a second place finish in this year’s Street Meat Palooza.  Well, this week all of our questions have been answered… Shendy’s is now partnered with the Famous Halal Guys on 53rd & 6th!

In the photo above you can clearly see the branded sweaters, and the yellow bags with the logos.  But what about the food?


Exactly the same.  Apparently “Shendy” (the guy whose face used to be on the side of the cart) returned to Egypt recently.  Either he decided to sell the cart to the 53rd & 6th St. guys, or the guys he handed it off to made the deal.  But either way, they are now serving the exact same food you’ll find on the SE corner of 53rd and 6th during the day (and the SW Corner of 53rd & 6th at night.)  Same rice.  Same sauces.  Same circular containers.  Same pita bread.  In fact, while we were waiting to order, the guy ran over to the cart on the SW corner of 53rd and 6th, and came back with a giant metal tub full of rice.  Craziness.

This is terrible news for all the Shendy’s fans out there, but good news for fans of the Famous Halal Guys. The lines on the SW corner of 53rd and 6th have been getting pretty long lately, so now you have the Shendy’s cart as another daytime option if you don’t want to walk to 53rd and 7th (the Famous Halal Guys have a cart there too.) Thanks to Lunch’er “Ned” for the tip…

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  • Too bad for the shendy fans. Hooray for us 53/6th fans because the lunch lines have been RIDICULOUS! 15-20 min wait period defintiely deters me from going too often and for nto wanting to go overboard on it.

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    so wait, now this guy is on 53 & 6 at night… 52 & 6 AND 53 & 7 during the day?

    but im on 25th and 6th


  • spydr, dont forget 53rd & 6th (SE corner) during the day as well.

  • Bad weather = good news linewise. 5 people today at 53/6. Had it been the typical lunch line, I’d have walked to Shendy’s.

    Are they still calling their cart Shendy’s? No Flickr at work so I can’t see.

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    Will the the 53rd and 6th guys in turn resume Shendy’s pattern of abusive threatening of other street vendors?

    Hate to say it, but you guys who were going Shendy’s after multiple reports of their participation in that stuff are complicit in their violent behavior and make me sick.

    But hey, as long as the meats cheap and good, who cares what crap the trash who serve it are up to, right?

  • seriously – i went there yesterday and i was like “why are you guys putting on so little hot sauce?” Then I realized it was the famous halal cart… this is a sad day indeed.

  • Sad to hear it. I loved Shendy’s

  • spydr: You’re half a block from Johny’s Luncheonette. You should be very happy.

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    johnnys what? i go to this site because i have no idea whats around me… ill look into it

  • Darn, I would REALLY love to join in on this post, but I don’t even have a CLUE what ‘Halal’ means.

    Is that some sort of special smokin’ technique, or a good Texas barbecue sauce or something?

    I tried to punch it up on GOGGLE, but it wouldn’t work.

  • spydr: Johny’s (one ‘n’)–middle of the block on 25th bet. 6th/7th, south side. Great breakfast (if you can get a seat!) and awesome subs, tuna melt, interesting pita “pizzas”!

  • spydr: Also, from 25th and 6th it’s just a short walk to the SW corner of 23rd/6th for awesome Mexican at Great Burrito. ANd great pizza at Maffei’s, 21st and 6th (SE corner).

  • Just finished my Shendy’s lamb/chicken w. yellow rice. Same meats (except they have bits of pepper and onions in their meats), same white sauce and same great hot sauce! The yellow rice is the same too BUT they offer white rice also. I might have to go back to try it with white rice.

    I made the mistake of asking for extra hot sauce and they left me with a bigger puddle instead of the 53/6 guys who draw lines of it. No biggie. I’ll just anger the tiolet later.

    There was virtually no line when I went to Shendy’s at 1:15pm as I got to order right away. On the way back, I decided to loop around and take a look at 53/6′s lunch line and it was about 15 people deep. IN THE COLD! I

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