Ask ML: Is Something Up With Shendy’s?


I got this email a few weeks ago from Lunch’er “Carolyn” and forgot to post it:

My colleagues and I are big fans of Shendy’s on 6th and 52nd (even before the hit it big in Street-Meat-Palooza 2009). We’re concerned about changes we’ve seen of Shendy’s as of late and is wondering whether Midtown Lunch can get to the bottom of it. I’d say this has been going on for about a month now, I’ve noticed the following:

1. New guys at the cart at lunch time– who are not as fast or streamlined.
2. The worst offense– their chicken taste has changed. I believe that they now use red bell pepper that I don’t remember seeing before and it really throws off the taste.
3. I’ve also gotten other reports about Shendy’s, including: switched from rectangular to circular containers, serving bread with the meal, new yellow rice recipe, different white sauce, and slow SLOW service


Anybody else noticed anything out of the ordinary?


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    I agree completely! I used to go all the time and most recently a week ago – the chicken tastes different, the line (@2PM past the lunch crush) was slow and barely moved. Waiting 25 minutes for street meat when there’s only 4 people in front of you? C’mon that’s insane

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    are you sure its the same cart? it sounds like everything has changed so maybe a new guy took that spot away from your usual vendor?

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    It’s all true. They changed to the big round containers, but they fill it up with A TON of bread and seem to give less meat. Also, they’re no longer quite as liberal with the white sauce. To make matters worse, the one older guy will douse your food with a ridiculous amount of hot sauce if you don’t stop him. I like my food spicy, but the amount he dumped on there was just plain idiotic. And no, I didn’t ask for “extra spicy.”

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    Anyone who buys food from guys who are, according to more than one previous account, involved in bullying and threatening other vendors, gets what they deserve.

    These are the guys who chased the Happy Well Being ladies in the Korean cart off the same block.

    No sympathy.

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    Mike- are you saying that the Shendy’s guys (who are on 52nd Street) chased the Happy Well Being ladies off of 50th Street? Why would they care about a Korean cart 2 blocks away?

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    They are pretty quick if you get a plate of chicken and rice but if you order a Philly Cheese Steak they’ll take their time making it and let the line grow.

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    I agree on all fronts. It’s been super subpar as of late.

  • I’ve had Shendy’s a few times in the past month, and many, many times over the past 8 years. I haven’t found the chicken to be dramatically different… it always varies a bit depending on who’s making it. The hot sauce is definitely the same as ever. There are new guys, and new containers, and now they throw in bread (at the same $5 price), but other than that I have not found anything amiss.

    I’m not sure I buy them scaring off Happy Well Being, either. The facts just don’t add up. Why would they fuck with 50th Street? It’s a waste of their time.

  • Shendy’s didn’t fuck with HWBC. They fucked with the Vegetarian cart (across 52nd from their location), and I believe they’ve been less than pleased with some of the new trucks that try to take up residence on that stretch.

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