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Ask ML: Is Something Up With Shendy’s?


I got this email a few weeks ago from Lunch’er “Carolyn” and forgot to post it:

My colleagues and I are big fans of Shendy’s on 6th and 52nd (even before the hit it big in Street-Meat-Palooza 2009). We’re concerned about changes we’ve seen of Shendy’s as of late and is wondering whether Midtown Lunch can get to the bottom of it. I’d say this has been going on for about a month now, I’ve noticed the following:

1. New guys at the cart at lunch time– who are not as fast or streamlined.
2. The worst offense– their chicken taste has changed. I believe that they now use red bell pepper that I don’t remember seeing before and it really throws off the taste.
3. I’ve also gotten other reports about Shendy’s, including: switched from rectangular to circular containers, serving bread with the meal, new yellow rice recipe, different white sauce, and slow SLOW service


Anybody else noticed anything out of the ordinary?

Ask ML: How Fattening is Soft Tofu Soup?: From the ML Inbox: "Question for you... I have been eating the soft tofu soup that Grace mentioned in her roundup of midtown soup spots several times a week. I have also put on a decent amount of weight in that time!!! Do you or her have any sense of how healthy/unhealthy soft tofu soup is?"

“Need Help Finding Guy Who Gave Me a Sausage”

I love it when Midtown Lunch brings people together. So in that spirit I was hoping somebody out there could help this tourist out. She ate a sausage while visiting NYC a few weeks ago, and hasn’t been able to get it out of her head since.

Hi Zach,

I have an unusual request. I returned from New York City a few weeks back. I was there from July 23 – Aug 1. While there I dined at a street vendor I believe was on 50th Street and 7th Avenue. It was just down the street from the Sheraton NY on 53rd. I think that it is one street down from the Jamaican Dutchy but I am not positive. It is just off to the left from the corner of 7th Avenue. I had the chicken served over rice with salad on July 31st. The food was amazing, however, this is not the reason for my email. A few nights prior to that I had a sausage on a bun and that is when I first met the gentleman that was working for the vendor.

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Ask ML: “How Safe Is It to Eat Cart Food?”

The "Famous" Chicken & Rice Cart at 53rd & 6th Ave.


I’ve been visiting NYC for several years now and have always wanted to try some of the food carts. Big reason why I never tried is I’m scared if the food is clean or not. I go to NYC for vacation and don’t want to end up in the hospital for food poisoning or something worse. So my question is how safe is it to eat cart food?


My dear sweet Daphnie. Daphnie Daphnie Daphnie. Have you read a single word on this website? Are you seriously asking me this question, as if the answer would be anything other than “of course it’s safe!”  We do an annual event called “Street Meat Palooza” for god’s sake.  It’s like asking Joey Chestnut if it’s safe to eat hot dogs, or Amy Winehouse if it’s safe to shoot up heroin.  Of course it’s safe… well, for most people.

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Ask ML: What Does This Sign Mean?

Photo courtesy of MychaelS

via Twitter: “What does this sign MEAN? Seen at Pergola above Salad Station on 40th near 5th”  Huh.  Uh… anybody care to hazard a guess?

Update via the Comments: Nevermind

ASK ML: Anybody Seen the Special Vegetarian Blimpie Sandwich

Blimpie Off the Menu "Special Vegetarian" Sandwich

Remember that amazing vegetarian Indian sandwich with doritos being sold out of the now shuttered Blimpie on 46th btw. 5+6th?  Lunch’er “Bikewobble” claims that it was supposed to return:

“Before they closed the owner mentioned they were going to try to get the sandwich into another local shop, maybe have a little corner in another establishment, just making the nacho sandwich. Anyone know if they ever succeeded in setting up somewhere? i want them back so bad!”

Yes, does anybody know?  Please comment below, or email me at zach@midtownlunch.  Be sure cc Sarah DiGregorio from Fork in the Road.  She’s the one who originally found it.

The “Special Vegetarian” at Blimpie is the Spiciest Sandwich in Midtown

Would You Buy a PB&J Sandwich Off the Street?

Assorted Stuff outside Aron's Midtown NYC
If borekas and egg rolls, why not PB&J Sandwiches!?

If you thought the whole “law student couldn’t get a job so opens a cupcake truck” story was crazy… what about this one?  Got this email in the old ML inbox the other day:

Hi Zach,

I’ve hatched an idea due to extended unemployment, and I thought you’d be the best qualified to tell me if it is feasible or not. During my days of working in Midtown your site was a bible.

It’s pretty simple: set up a small table on a busy corner and sell peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from a cooler for a few bucks. That’s more than the cost of making them, so I’d pull a profit. And it’s cheaper than other lunch options, and who doesn’t like PB&J?

But what about a vendor’s license?

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Ask the ML Forums: Anybody know where to get a good Italian hero near Rockefeller Center (i.e. not boar's head.)  The best thing I could think of was Murray's Salami in Grand Central Terminal.  Got a better idea?  Luncher nycviarachel is asking in the forums>>

Ask ML: Strawberry Shortcake: "Love your blog — read it obsessively. Down to business. It’s my 23rd birthday and my Dad (also a chef instructor) would always make me the freshest yummiest strawberry shortcake on my b'day. Unfortunately, I’m moved a few states away. Where can I get a piece for lunch? In midtown?!? I must find a spot before 1pm today. Or…shudder…I might go to Junior’s in Grand Central. Thanks!!"

Ask Midtown Lunch: Irish Soda Bread

“Not lunch per se, but where is best Irish Soda Bread in midtown? I get a craving for it every year around St. Pat’s Day and so many places make dry horrible Irish Soda Bread — not like Mom used to make!” Being a short fat Jew, I know nothing about Irish soda bread.  Anybody got a suggestion?  Put it in the comments, St Patty’s day is only a week away.