New CupcakeStop Truck Coming Soon to “Herald Square Area”

Been getting a lot of emails about the new cupcake truck launching in NYC tomorrow.  No sign of Midtown on their preview schedule- but the truck was started by a couple of NYU New York Law School grads who couldn’t get lawyer jobs, so I’m guessing they’ll want to flaunt their new business in the faces of those that spurned them. In other words, it’s only a matter of time before they start parking outside Midtown law firms. UPDATE: SENY is reporting that they plan on parking in the Herald Square area from 9am to 5pm.


  • I’m not sure what they would be flaunting “Hey look @ me I went to law school and now I bake cupcakes” I’m sure the partners will be second guessing there career choice.

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    NYU Law and NYLS are not the same thing.

  • @justsomeguy – That makes a lot more sense… If you graduate from NYU Law School you should be able to get a job (no matter how bad the economy is!)

  • Haha. NYU Law better not put too many of their students on any bread & cheese line. Why paid craploads of money and be in debt for centuries to not score a job?

    Cupcakes Stop. Hhhhhmmmm. I wonder how they’ll compare to all the cupcake bakeries and if their pricing will be reasonable…

  • NYLS is my alma matar! I’m not even kidding! Too bad they couldn’t score a job, but that law school blows–which is why I won’t give one dime back to it! I do owe my job to a professor there who made the initial contact for me, but since he got canned for kiddie porn (NO JOKE), I don’t consider him part of the NYLS community anymore.

  • What’s worse than a cupcake truck full of lawyers going off a cliff?

    A cupcake truck full of lawyers going off a cliff with one empty seat

  • That truck is going to be powered by a p*ssy magnet. I can’t believe how many throngs of chicks show up w/ cupcakes everywhere you go now.

  • okay I work near herald square, and am female so am thusly into what Rudy frequently calls “girlie food.” I was going to check out this supposed truck of cupcakes tomorrow, but it looks like they going to be on 23rd and 8th starting at 8:30… well out of the range of Herald Square or and definition of lunchtime. I will withold total judgement until I see prices/sample goods but the photo of Top Model’s Jaslene tentatively pretending to enjoy food on their website definitely does not win me over.

  • According to the story @ SENY this truck used to be John John’s pizza truck from downtown. The pizza truck got rave reviews and then he meets an out of work lawyer and converts it to cupcake truck….? I’m confused.

  • I love having a Cupcake truck in the Herald Square
    neighborhood….to bad my waistline doesn’t love it quite as much =P

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