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Schnitz & Things to Carry Robicelli’s; Lev-Less Cupcake Stop Returns Tomorrow

Schnitzel & ThingsIn my humble opinion, one of the best parts of Schnitzel & Things’ new storefront, aside from the obvious copious amounts of schnitzel, was that you could also get Treats Truck treats for dessert. Well, tomorrow they’re bringing in a new dessert, Midtown’s Best, Robicelli’s cupcakes! Schnitzel & Things will be getting all the flavors, a definite plus for Midtown East. But that’s not all the cupcake news going around, there’s finally a pulse again with Cupcake Stop.

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Cupcake Stop Releases Official Statement

It’s been three weeks since the Cupcake Stop Truck and its two brick and mortar locations mysteriously shut down without any warning. We had heard that the owner Lev was leaving to pursue other opportunities and yesterday it was confirmed by their PR machine:

I just wanted to check in with an official statement from CupcakeStop founder Lev Ekster on the status of the company since you’ve covered the company since its launch. He’s unable to comment further during this negotiation period but I will be sure to keep you posted when the next announcement is made. “Within the last two months, I was offered another opportunity that I felt was extremely promising and decided to pursue it. Therefore, we are currently negotiating the sale of my portion of CupcakeStop with several parties.”

Well, that sounds very serious! Cupcakes shouldn’t be about secrecy and negotiations… they should be about sunshine and smiles.

Cupcake Stop Not Closing After All?

Two days ago Cupcake Stop, which owns multiple trucks and 2 brick and mortar stores, announced via Twitter and Facebook that they were shutting down. Last night, those messages were deleted from Twitter and Facebook and came back online with a message that they are “currently on hiatus”.  We haven’t talked to the owner Lev directly, but we did hear secondhand from a tipster that he was planning to “pursue other opportunities.”  So… what does this new twist mean?  Did Lev get pushed out by investors?  Maybe after the closing announcement somebody offered to buy the business?  We don’t know for sure (our emails have gone unanswered) but one thing seems certain, the Cupcake Stop brand might not be dead after all.

Cupcake Stop Mysteriously Closes

Cupcake Stop Truck, the 2 year old food truck turned brick and mortar success story famously started by a law school grad who couldn’t get a law firm job during the recession, sent out this message via Facebook and Twitter late last night.  No other explanation has been given, and there has been radio silence from Lev (the owner).  Their website has diappeared, and the phone number at their new Greenwich Street location has been disconnected, but according to Grub Street their location in The Limelight is still open (although their phone # is disconnected as well.)

With no explanation, the theories are flowing… a bunch of Facebook commenters think it could be a hack job, but if that were true you’d think that at this point they would have issued a statement letting people know.  Another tipster thought maybe they got their money pulled out from under them?  Maybe Lev finally got that lawyer job?  Regardless of what the reason is, if it turns out to be a money issue we can only hope that will end the seemingly nonstop parade of puff pieces encouraging people to spend their life savings on opening a food truck.  (We’re looking at you Fox & Friends.)

As soon as we hear anything, we’ll let you know.

Free Mini Cupcake Alert: The Cupcake Stop Truck will be giving away 150 free minis starting at Noon today on 5th and 23rd to celebrate their "Best Sweets" victory in the 2009 Midtown Lunch Readers' Poll. 5th Ave. & 23rd isn't even in Midtown!?! wtf

Joan Cusack Selling Cookies in Midtown Tomorrow

Just got word that the Cupcake Stop Truck will be converted into a cookie truck tomorrow (Tuesday, 11/10), with all proceeds going to benefit Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. And for all you “What About Joan?” fans (!?) Joan Cusack will be on the truck from 11am to 12:30pm on 50th btw. 5+6th, and from 1-2pm next to Bryant Park (on 6th Ave btw 41+42nd). Get more info, and see the truck’s complete Midtown schedule here.

There’s No Cupcakes in Baseball!

While Phillies fans and Yankees haters are choking on their free cheesesteaks this afternoon, fans of the Bronx bombers can celebrate the start of the World Series with… wait for it… cupcakes!  Both Crumbs and the Cupcake Stop Truck are offering Yankees cupcakes starting today.  Crumbs has a single limited edition cupcake for sale, while the Cupcake Stop Truck will be selling cupcakes featuring the entire Yankees lineup, both as singles and as a complete set dozen (alright, that actually sounds pretty cool.)

Need to find one of the 354 Crumbs locations in Midtown? You can do that here, and the Cupcake Stop Truck will be parked today on 47th and 3rd Ave. until 6pm (although they only have 10 dozen and I’m guessing they will go fast.)

Eisenberg’s Takes Swipe at the Cupcake Stop Truck


I guess Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop (on 5th Ave. btw. 22+23rd) is less than happy about the Cupcake Stop Truck’s Tuesday, Thursday & Friday spot right across the street from their 80 year old storefront.  It’s 10 blocks outside the Midtown Lunch boundaries, but kind of appropriate to the events of the past week. Eisenberg’s can always retaliate by opening a truck in front of the Cupcake Stop’s new East Village storefront.

Thanks to Lunch’er Rob for sending along the photo.

Cupcake Stop Truck in Midtown Today (With Pudding!?!)

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the law student, turned cupcake truck owner behind the Cupcake Stop Truck.  Originally they were planning on parking the Herald Square Area, but fame is a fickle mistress- and aside from a few TV appearances, where they handed out free minis to passersby, Midtown has been completely Cupcake Stop free.  Until today.  The Cupcake Stop Truck is selling cupcakes today on 47th and 3rd from now until 6pm tonight (barring any “problems”.)

They were parked near my apartment on Sunday, so I decided to “sample” a box of mini cupcakes.  Check ‘em out after the jump…

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Cupcake Stop Truck Will Sell Cupcakes in Midtown Today

Just got word from the owner that the Cupcake Stop Truck will actually be selling full size cupcakes in Midtown today (for the first time!)  They were giving away free samples this morning as part of an appearance on Fox & Friends, but have decided to stay in the spot (on 48th btw. 6+7th) for another couple of hours to sell their full size cupcakes.  If you’ve been wanting to try this new truck (run by the recent law school grad that couldn’t get a lawyer job) here’s your chance. Today’s flavors: red velvet, oreo crumb, double chocolate, and a special Booklyn Cyclone’s cupcake (since they’ll be in front of keyspan stadium tonight for opening day.) For more on how the cupcakes taste, check out this post on Serious Eats: New York.  Don’t know how long they will be there exactly, so you may want to check their Twitter for updates. Update: “Planning to stay here on 48th and 6th till about noon.” NEW UPDATE: “I think we may actually stay here till 230pm before heading out to the Cyclone’s game. Thanks!” And finally… “Sorry, we were asked to move as its not really a permissable spot, headed elsewhere” (Of course…)