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Crumbs is Done

For the past half decade, New York’s cupcake bubble has expanded beyond any sort of logical economic equilibrium. But the writing has been on the wall for quite some time, and it seems that Crumbs Bake Shop is the first major casualty.

The New York based chain got its start in 2003, and has expanded to 70 locations in 12 states. In 2011, they went public and set aggressive plans to double its footprint by 2013 despite flagging same store sales and increasingly expensive operating costs. Last month, Crumbs’ auditor expressed a going concern (essentially a financial deathwatch) of their financial stability, and the company was de-listed from the NASDAQ shortly after. Crumbs has officially shuttered all locations as of Monday. (BI has a good timeline of events)

Like all crisis’s, there’s probably a lot of lessons to be learned – but thankfully there are many many other places to score a cupcake in Midtown.

Free Pastries at Crumbs Friday: If you're feeling hungry on your way to work tomorrow, stop by one of the eight Crumbs locations in midtown from 7 to 10 a.m. for a free pastry from their new breakfast menu. Those sweets include Berliners, T-Birkes, braids, and an update on croissants, Danish pastries, cinnamon rolls and bear claws. And locations: B'way btw. 37+38th, Lex btw. 43+44th, Park btw. 32+33rd, 42nd & 8th Ave., B'way & 53rd, 42nd btw. 5+6th, and 3rd&53rd. Freeloaders should also note that it's one per person.

Crumbs Enters the Cronut Fray w/ the Crumbnut

OK, so these aren’t the cronuts people are camping out for downtown at Domonique Ansel Bakery, but we’ll take what we can get at this point. In addition to some other knockoffs, what we can now get is the Crumbnut, a doughnut-croissant hybrid made by the cupcake chain, Crumbs.

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Chef David Burke Brings Lunch to Crumbs

For a well-known cupcake chain looking to start serving lunch (not that a cupcake or two for lunch doesn’t sound sweet), a good way to bolster your lunchtime bonafides is to have a celebrity chef write your menu. That’s exactly what Crumbs did last week when it rolled out a lunch menu full of sandwiches, wraps, and salads devised by the acclaimed chef, David Burke. Slapping a chef’s name on something doesn’t guarantee it’ll be good however (see Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen and Bar), so I stopped by Crumbs to see how Crumbs’/Burke’s sandwiches stack up.

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Crumbs Times Square Opens Today With Massive Giveaway: Crumbs is ringing the NASDAQ bell today, and to celebrate they're giving away free cupcakes to the first 50 people at every single store.  It also coincides with the grand opening of their new store on 42nd and 8th Ave. where they're giving away 1000 free cupcakes starting at 7am.  Can't make it?  Every customer will get a free coffee with bakery purchases during the first two weeks of the store’s opening (until September 8th.)

Apple Cupcake Battle: Fork in the Road pits the apple crumb cupcake from Crumbs (in Grand Central) against the apple-maple crisp cupcake from Robicelli's (available at Lily O'Brien's) and begrudgingly declares Crumbs the winner.

I Wouldn’t Have Thought It Possible…: but according to numerous lunchers another Crumbs is opening on Broadway btw. 37+38th.  "One of the workers inside said it should be open within couple of days." Will the madness ever end?

There is a Downside to Massive Cupcake Expansion: You know, aside from drawing the ire of Anthony Bourdain (and those of us who agree with Anthony Bourdain.) Cupcakes Take the Cake is reporting that Crumbs is now posting calorie counts for all their cupcakes (required by law for any food place with more than 15 locations.) Haha... good luck with that!

New Crumbs Opens Tomorrow

Crumbs on Lex and 43rd to OpenIt’s hard to believe but another Crumbs is opening in Midtown tomorrow on Lexington Ave. btw. 43+44th. You would think we had enough cupcakeries here in Midtown, but clearly the market can take more.  Sadly tomorrow is what is known in the biz as a “soft opening” so there will be no free cupcakes. In other words we freeloaders will have to wait another few weeks for their official grand opening to score some gratis grub. [Blondie and Brownie]

There’s No Cupcakes in Baseball!

While Phillies fans and Yankees haters are choking on their free cheesesteaks this afternoon, fans of the Bronx bombers can celebrate the start of the World Series with… wait for it… cupcakes!  Both Crumbs and the Cupcake Stop Truck are offering Yankees cupcakes starting today.  Crumbs has a single limited edition cupcake for sale, while the Cupcake Stop Truck will be selling cupcakes featuring the entire Yankees lineup, both as singles and as a complete set dozen (alright, that actually sounds pretty cool.)

Need to find one of the 354 Crumbs locations in Midtown? You can do that here, and the Cupcake Stop Truck will be parked today on 47th and 3rd Ave. until 6pm (although they only have 10 dozen and I’m guessing they will go fast.)