Free Cheesesteak Alert

Thanks to Lunch’er CDB for this tip… The Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corp will be at Shorty’s tomorrow (on 9th Ave. btw. 41+42nd) giving away free cheesesteaks right before Game 1 of the World Series. According to Grub St. the giveaway is “shorty sized cheesesteaks” and lasts from 4pm until the game starts at 7:57pm. Clearly no self respecting Yankees fan will indulge in such a promotion, but that leaves more for the rest of us!


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    Phillies in 5! You heard it here first!!

  • Phillllliiiieeesssss!!!! Where are the best places to watch the games? Town Tavern, Wogies? Any others?

  • Phillies are going to kick Yankees ass!!!

  • Phuck Philly. I love the cheesesteaks, but that’s about it.


  • If it helps put the Yankees down, and involves free cheesesteak, I’m in! (Wait, this ‘cheesesteak’ isn’t a meatball and cheese sub, is it? I’ve seen that around here lately.)

    Just try getting into Wogies tomorrow nite. You might need to have an early lunch there and hang out all day.

  • Nice picture of Phillies’ OF Shane Victorino on front page today’s NY Post.

  • 70 fat black guys chasing an egg aint a sport.

  • What “sport” are you even referring to bagel? We’re talking baseball here, a sport in which the representation of african americans is under 10%.

    Didn’t even know the Post was still in business

  • Running between wickets is equally dumb.

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    Why are they even playing the series. The Yankees should stick with their time-honored tradition and just pay for the trophy. Everybody knows the Yankees pay top cash for victory.


    I like cheesesteaks but NEW YORK all the way! F— Philly!

    27th World Series win for the Bronx Bombers!

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    Er, game 1 of the Yankees playoff series was on Oct 7th. Not that I paid a lick of attention to baseball since the halcyon days of the Oakland A’s (as a young boy, of course).

  • PHUCK PHILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    says the Mets fan :)

  • @yvo: That is the only anger I can actually accept. The Mets are terrible.

    F the yanks and their 26 World Series’. Bitches aint’ shit.

  • @Cheeeeeeese : The Mets had a terrible season… and the past few we had major collapses. Saying something “is” terrible (using the present tense of ‘to be’) means that it is, was, and always will be terrible, which is simply an untrue statement.

    Having said that, and while I’m no Yankees fan, I am a fan of New York and all it represents… and clearly “bitches [the Yankees]” ARE ‘shit’… since, as you mention, they have 26 rings. I mean, if you want to argue that the Yankees suck, use some really good arguements, like steroid use, buying their players, being full of themselves, being bad people who cheat on their partners all the time, whatever. Just don’t use something like “They suck!” because… they clearly don’t. Just like I can’t say the Phillies suck cuz, um, they made it to the World Series, and not exactly by luck.

    Just sayin’

  • @Yvo The Yankees don’t suck? Someone should really tell those folks at Fenway park. They might really start to look like jerks with their favorite chant.


  • I cant wait for the yankees parade.

  • sir eats-a-lot – that’s like saying if I keep chanting “I AM A MAN! I AM A MAN!” it’s true.

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    they are jerks

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