Gregory’s Coffee Now Selling Cronuts!!! (Ahem, We Mean Croissant Donuts)


If you thought the only way to try a cronut, the new Dominique Ansel pastry taking the city by storm, is either waiting in an absurd line in Soho at 7am or paying someone off, I’m here to tell you there is now a much easier option for Midtown Lunchers. This week, Gregory’s Coffee introduced a fried doughnut comprised of flaky croissant layers, filled with vanilla cream, and then glazed. Of course, for legal reasons, these are not cronuts, but croissant doughnuts. They’ll cost you $4 each, but that’s a dollar cheaper than the real thing and a whole lot less stressful.

Gregory’s Coffee, multiple locations


  • a dollar cheaper and a whole lot less stressful BUT it is as good as the real thing??

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    Is it all locations?
    Would like to try it tomorrow at 44th street.

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    I have seen some nasty stuff at Gregory’s. I wouldn’t eat or drink there.

  • I am not down with waiting in line for hours to try the real thing so I picked up two of these this morning. Don’t be turned off by your first bite, the filling might be hiding in another part of the thing. Pretty good over all but the lack of flavor besides plain doughnut and vanilla cream filling was a bit of a letdown.

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    I tried one, it was decent but at $4 its a bit of a splurge for pastry and I’ve had better donuts and better croissants for cheaper so I don’t see myself going back.

    Would like to try the original Cronuts at Ansel’s that are driving all this hype but these certainly didn’t live up to it.

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