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Get Free Nutelasagna Today at 4pm

The incredible Robicelli’s have created a new dessert mash-up that puts that over-hyped cronut to shame. Normally, their Nutelasagna (a baked lasagna made with Nutella, cannoli cream, chopped chocolate, and marshmallows) is only available at their Bay Ridge bakery, which is a bit far for most of us in Midtown.

But the amazing news is that today you can get a taste of this for free in Midtown. They will be giving out 200 free half portions of the creation at the Renaissance Hotel (48th and 7th) today beginning at 4pm. I’d get there early if possible because it can’t last long.

Breaking! Robicelli’s is Back in Midtown

News came over the wire (aka Allison Robicelli’s blog) that Robicelli’s sweets can be found in Midtown again! Those of you in the K-Town area in need of a sweet treat can now head over to the newly opened Grace Street (on 32nd btw 5th+6th) for your fix of not just cupcakes, but also cookies, muffins and more. The rest of us will probably head over to check out the offerings once it’s above freezing.

Grace Street, 17 W. 32nd St (btw. 5+6th) 

Robicelli’s is Back in Midtown!: Word came out today that 2010 Best Cupcake Winner Robicelli's is back in Midtown! The cupcakes will be available at Bar 5F inside Bergdorf Goodman's (5th Ave at 58th St). The bar, on the store's 5th floor, is open until 8pm and today's flavors are Bailey's Cheesecake, Pecan French Toast, Caramel Macchiato, and Banana Cashew. If the cupcakes do well they'll hopefully become a regular item, so if you're a fan, get on over there!

It’s a Cupcake Kind of Friday

Japan cupcake

Cupcake haters best start scrolling now because there’s serious cupcake action happening in midtown today. Sprinkles, the LA cupcakery that’s about to invade NYC is planning on giving away cupcakes in Times Square (yeah, good luck with that). Follow them @sprinklesmobile for details on when/where the giveaway is going down. Yesterday, they ran out of 1000 cupcakes in under an hour. Elsewhere in midtown Robicelli’s has their once- a-year Mint Julep cupcakes (hello, bourbon-mint cake & buttercream with hand candied mint leaf). You can snag some for Derby day at Schnitzel & Things (3rd Ave. btw. 45+46th). Lastly, Magnolia is currently offering “the Japan cupcake,” (chocolate cake, vanilla frosting with a raspberry “to signify the ‘rising sun’ symbol known as the Nisshoki.”) These cupcakes are $3 and $1 goes to the Japan Society’s earthquake fund (regular cupcakes are $2.75). Available at both the Rock Center and Grand Central locations.

Get Easter Cupcakes from Robicelli’s

Today Robicelli’s is debuting “Pizza Grana” a cupcake take on the traditional Italian dish “Pastiera di Grano” or “Grain Pie” which is basically an orange-scented ricotta cheesecake filled with cooked wheatberries and a must for the traditional Italian Easter table. The cupcake is composed of Italian citrus cake, ricotta & wheatberry buttercream, pie crust shards. They’ll be delivering to Schnitzel & Things (the brick & morter on 3rd btw. 45+46th) and Joe GCT. Call ahead to Joe because of space they get a limited selection of the cupcakes, usually two of the four flavors.

Schnitz & Things to Carry Robicelli’s; Lev-Less Cupcake Stop Returns Tomorrow

Schnitzel & ThingsIn my humble opinion, one of the best parts of Schnitzel & Things’ new storefront, aside from the obvious copious amounts of schnitzel, was that you could also get Treats Truck treats for dessert. Well, tomorrow they’re bringing in a new dessert, Midtown’s Best, Robicelli’s cupcakes! Schnitzel & Things will be getting all the flavors, a definite plus for Midtown East. But that’s not all the cupcake news going around, there’s finally a pulse again with Cupcake Stop.

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