It’s a Cupcake Kind of Friday

Japan cupcake

Cupcake haters best start scrolling now because there’s serious cupcake action happening in midtown today. Sprinkles, the LA cupcakery that’s about to invade NYC is planning on giving away cupcakes in Times Square (yeah, good luck with that). Follow them @sprinklesmobile for details on when/where the giveaway is going down. Yesterday, they ran out of 1000 cupcakes in under an hour. Elsewhere in midtown Robicelli’s has their once- a-year Mint Julep cupcakes (hello, bourbon-mint cake & buttercream with hand candied mint leaf). You can snag some for Derby day at Schnitzel & Things (3rd Ave. btw. 45+46th). Lastly, Magnolia is currently offering “the Japan cupcake,” (chocolate cake, vanilla frosting with a raspberry “to signify the ‘rising sun’ symbol known as the Nisshoki.”) These cupcakes are $3 and $1 goes to the Japan Society’s earthquake fund (regular cupcakes are $2.75). Available at both the Rock Center and Grand Central locations.


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    Why would they give away cupcakes in Times Square? Seems like a horrible business decision. 90% of the freeloaders will be tourists, who will never go back to this place anyway. It would be a much better business decision to give away product where actual New Yorkers and future customers are i.e. Midtown East

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    Sprinkles’ twitter isn’t updated. Are they still giving out cupcakes now?

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