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Schnitzel & Things Launched A New Food Cart This Week

A couple of weeks ago, Schnitzel & Things announced via a blog post and tweet that they would be launching a new food cart. Luckily for Downtown Lunch’ers, this week, the cart hit the streets in the Financial District. But fear not, ML’ers, although the new cart is starting out downtown, we hear they have plans to make their way to Midtown after the kinks are worked out.

Check out the menu after the jump!
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Turkish/Mediterranean Joint to Replace Schnitzel & Things

I was heartbroken when the Schnitzel & Things storefront (3rd btw. 45th+46th) closed down recently, just days after I shared some of my favorites from their menu with all of you. But while I was sad to see them go, I was looking forward to seeing what would open next. Now we know that in Schnitz’s stead will be… Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. What does everyone think? Excited for doner kebab and mixed grills, or were you hoping for something different?

Schnitzel & Things is Packing Up Shop and Moving to Brooklyn

Schnitzel & ThingsSchnitzel & Things

If you wanted to try the bratwurst or the side sampler from Schnitzel & Things (on 3rd btw. 45+46th) that we wrote about yesterday, it’s going to have to be today or tomorrow.  We got this sad news from S&T’s owner Oleg last night:

Unfortunately Friday will be our last operational day at the restaurant. We are closing it done with much sadness but also with hope. We are moving to a kitchen in Red Hook and plan to reopen a retail store in the near future.  The truck will continue to operate as usual, and we feel we feel bad for the regular customers who come see us religiously at this location so we promise to try to bring the truck to the area for the customers that will be saddened by this news. I don’t want this to be a pity thing. We tried hard to make this a success.

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Schnitzel & Things Has A Couple of Hidden Gems, And One is Vegetarian

Schnitzel & Things

If a restaurant has a specific food in its name, it’s usually a safe bet that said food is the way to go when ordering lunch. In that case, you’d be wise to order one of the several schnitzels available at Schnitzel & Things (45th St. and 3rd Ave.). But what about the “Things”? Could there be lunchtime gold hidden in there?

I would venture to say ‘yes’. I might even go so far as to say that the best thing you can get at Schnitzel & Things isn’t schnitzel at all – it’s the bratwurst.

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Is 45th & 6th A Viable Food Truck Stop Again?

The NW corner of 45th street and 6th avenue used to be a food truck favorite spot, bringing a regular swath of trucks almost every day of the workweek. Then, the NYPD crackdown in Midtown ruined the fun, forcing trucks to find other often less lucrative locations to park during the lunch rush. But, it seems that slowly things have been reverting back to the good ol’ days. This week, on Tuesday, Schnitzel & Things couldn’t park at their planned spot on 40th & 6th due to construction, so they moved uptown to 45th & 6th.
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Get 50% Off Schnitzel & Things: Not that any of us needs any convincing to eat at Schnitzel & Things, but today's Living Social deal offers $12 worth of food for just $6 at their brick and mortar location on 3rd avenue btw. 45+46. In other words, you'll get a Schnitzel Sandwich and a side for just $6. You're welcome.

Schnitzel & Things Gets Beer License; Celebrates With Free Sausage Samples

Schnitzel & Things just announced that they finally got their beer and wine license for the shop (on 3rd btw 45+46th)! Word is they’re finalizing a beer menu and some hearty new menu items that will go with the brews.  The beer and new food probably won’t get added until next week, but  according to their Twitter feed they will be giving out free samples of three sausages they are testing out (knockwurst, bratwurst, and bratwurst stuffed with cheese) starting at 11:30 at the storefront. They’ll also have a limited supply of chicken schnitzel stuffed with either Swiss or cheddar cheese. With all this greasy decadence, it will be hard to resist a beer. Glad they’re finally going to make it happen.  We know where happy hour is going to be next week…

Schnitzel & Things Should Add Polenta to Their Permanent Menu

Schnitzel & Things Last Friday’s weather was horrible, but I did discover 2 very important things. 1) I have holes in the bottom of my shoes and 2) the polenta with caramelized onions from the Schnitzel & Things shop (on 3rd Ave. btw. 45+4t6) is a good cure for a stormy day.  We were used to the rare but occasional special from the truck (remember that  chicken stroganoff last year?) but now that they have more kitchen space to play with at the shop you’ll see them tweet special items far more often.

So when they tweeted on Friday that the special for the day was polenta, I had to check it out- even if the sky was dumping tons of water.

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Schnitzel & Things Storefront Starts “Happy Hour”

Yesterday courtesy of the ML Twitter Tracker, I learned that Schnitzel & Things was throwing a a “Schnitz Happy Hour” from 3:00pm-6:00pm with 10% off any platter or sandwich. Seeing as I was already on track for a late lunch I decided to hold off to check it out… and also got to try one of their new sides. Read more »

Schnitzel & Things Makes a Non-Schnitzified Sandwich!?

Schnitzel & Things

Now that my new office is just a few steps away from the Schnitzel & Things’ shop (3rd btw. 45th+46th), I don’t have to run around the city looking for the truck (WIN!) It also means my intake of fried goodness will jump exponentially. When you have a storefront, there’s definitely more room for you to play around with the menu, so when Oleg and family opened their new place (on 3rd Ave. btw. 45+46th) they added few new items to the menu including 1 non-schnitzified item on the menu, the grilled ginger chicken (I know the bratwurst isn’t technically schnitzified either but they do deep fry it). The grilled ginger chicken has always been on my mind and finally I got the chance to try it.

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