Our First Look at Schnitzel & Things’ Expanded Storefront Menu

Schnitzel & Things

Yesterday, Schnitzel & Things finally became a bonafide brick-and-mortar (3rd btw 45th+46th), and the line was out the door. The new space allows for a larger menu, a much faster line, and cookies! Though I wasn’t there as early as the third customer, Donny, I did make it over before the lunch rush to get my schnitz on.

Schnitz Menu

The larger menu includes all the regular items available on the truck plus some of the more popular specials: veal, eggplant, and grilled ginger chicken. And now, if you so choose, you can get a schnitzel salad ($7.99) that includes any one schnitzel and four vegetable toppings. (Our kind of salad!) Other new items include sweet potato fries, and cranberry compote as a condiment. All of the prices are within a 50¢ range of their price on the truck.

Schnitzel & Things

With the truck staying in for the day, Oleg was manning the counter. Though I could have easily gotten all crazy and gone for the eggplant schnitzel or the schnitzel burger, I’ve been craving straight up breaded chicken lately. Add in the fact that their platters are massive and often cause me to  fall asleep at my desk, I decided to go with a nice sandwich on Ciabatta ($8.50).

Schnitzel & Things
But if you were to get a platter or wanted sides with your sandwiches, there are a good number of options available.

Schnitzel & Things
And don’t forget to pick up a sweet treat care of the Treats Truck.

Chicken Schnitzel

Ah, Schnitz! Fried thin goodness. If you’ve had schnitzel from the truck, you know exactly what to expect. A good number of my co-workers did make their way over, many of whom had never visited the truck. Almost all liked it, with the one complaint being that it’s a tad on the salty side. (No complaints here though.)

They will be offering delivery next week, with a $15 minimum. Prefer your schnitz to be mobile?  The truck is back today, and as always you can follow it on their Twitter @schnitznthings, or on the ML Twitter Tracker.

Schnitzel & Things, 723 Third Ave (btw. 45+46th), 347-772-7341


  • Did you say there’ll be schnitz delivered directly to my door?! What an excellent opportunity to get fat on nightly breaded burgers.

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    “If you’ve had schnitzel from the truck, you know exactly what to expect.”

    I completely disagree. Everything here is pre-cooked, which doesn’t exactly jive with the whole fried-food concept. Whereas my schnitzel was always fresh and hot coming off the truck, my schnitzel yesterday was cold. My coworker complained that her chicken was cold and hard, as well. I could see that this was true because she was utterly unable to cut her schnitzel with the provided silverware. Instead, she had to rip it apart with her hands.

    I like the concept, and am happy this place is so close to my office, but they’ve got to provide fresher schnitzel, or else I’ll never be back.

  • You’ll have to pry that schnitzel out of my cold dead hands.

  • Chicken Schnitz is dry as hell.

  • I got the veal schnitzel on Thursday at around 1230 and I have to say, it was great. Hot, crisp, moist, perfect. The sides were excellent also. Maybe they just had a couple of days growing pains? I’d imagine any new place has them. I’m going again today. If it’s anything other than as I just stated, I’ll let you know. Oh, and also, not oversalted at all.

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