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Reichenbach Beer Hall Is Open, But It’s Pricey

Grab your steins and get ready, because Reichenbach Hall, the German beer hall under construction on 37th St. (btw. 5th+6th) is now open for business. The good news is that they play German pop music and serve a full menu of German favorites like sausages, spaetzle, and schnitzel. The bad news is nearly everything is over the ML limit. The sandwiches are only a few dollars over, but you’ve really got to fork it out for almost everything else (even a pretzel costs $8.99?!).

Check out the menu after the jump…

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Schnitzel & Things Has A Couple of Hidden Gems, And One is Vegetarian

Schnitzel & Things

If a restaurant has a specific food in its name, it’s usually a safe bet that said food is the way to go when ordering lunch. In that case, you’d be wise to order one of the several schnitzels available at Schnitzel & Things (45th St. and 3rd Ave.). But what about the “Things”? Could there be lunchtime gold hidden in there?

I would venture to say ‘yes’. I might even go so far as to say that the best thing you can get at Schnitzel & Things isn’t schnitzel at all – it’s the bratwurst.

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Prepare for October at Hallo Berlin Express


With October just one week away, it’s only natural to start craving a little bratwurst with German potatoes, and sauerkraut.  And for those of us in Midtown, there’s only one place to go for that… the Babiel Brothers’ famous Hallo Berlin Cart on 54th and 5th Ave.  But what if you want beer with that brat?  Or spaetzle?  Or potato pancakes?  For that, you’ll have to head a bit out of bounds to Hallo Berlin Express- the small brick and mortar version of the cart located on 9th Ave. btw. 50+51st.

It’s been open for almost a year and half now, but yesterday I had lunch there for the very first time.

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Hallo Berlin Cart Going on Vacation


Got a frantic email yesterday from a lunch’er lookin to confirm the news that Lost City reported about the Hallo Berlin Cart:

I heard the head vendor talk about how all the world wanted him and his food and he wouldn’t be at the corner forever. I didn’t completely get the gist of his meaning, but the general idea is that the cart was wanted elsewhere across the globe and he was going on a world tour. He would sell sausage in Beijing for the coming Olympics. From there he would go to Rio de Janiero for a spell. The upshot was we would be without the cart for a number of months, but he would eventually return.

It turns out the cart will indeed be gone for at least the first two weeks in July (and probably the second two weeks) as the two Babiel brothers make their annual trip home to Germany.  It’s hard to tell when they’re joking and when they’re being serious, but they also told me they’d be attending a sausage and beer convention.  Either way, the cart will be gone starting on June 30th, and will return the first week in August at the latest. 

As for the Olympics, which begin on August 8th, Rolf confirmed that they have been invited to Beijing to sling sausages- but there will be a replacement cart on 54th & 5th, so there won’t be any further interruption in service.  In the meantime you’ve got a little less than two weeks to load up at the cart, and then we’ll all have to make the trip over to the 9th Ave. Hallo Berlin Express (btw. 50+51st).

HALLO BERLIN EXPRESS IS OPEN: And Dave Cook from Eating in Translation has the first photo evidence, in the form of a "single soul food mix", which not surpisingly is "much easier to manage when you have a place to sit".  I think I speak for everyone when I say "ehrfurchtgebietend !" (I think that means awesome in German.)

HALLO BERLIN EXPRESS TO OPEN TOMORROW: According to Eating in Translation, Hallo Berlin Express (9th Ave. btw. 50+51st), which was supposed to maybe open today (and we've been waiting for since January),  was inspected this morning, and will "open tomorrow from 11:30". [EIT]

First Look: Hallo Berlin Express

The newest member of the Hallo Berlin Family was supposed to open today on 9th Ave. btw. 50+51st, but it’s (not surprisingly) been pushed back a week while they wait for the inspectors.  Normally 9th Ave. is out of bounds for Midtown Lunch’ing purposes, but I’ve been know to break the rule for something schnitzel- er, sorry… I meant special. 

Hallo Berlin Express will live in between their famous cart (5th Ave.), and their proper beer garden (on 10th Ave.), both from a location and a conceptual standpoint.  All your favorites are there, including (slightly more expensive versions of) the 5th Ave. Combo (Any 2 wursts for $10), and the Dr. Atkins Combo ($12).  Plus all of the promised additions, and more.

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ONE WEEK UNTIL HALLO BERLIN EXPRESS: opens its doors, according to Eating in Translation.  They heard May 1st from a "moustached stranger" who appeared at the location on 9 Ave. btw. 50+51st. According to the brothers (who also run the famous HB Cart on 54th & 5th), the Express location will not only carry beer, but will also feature schnitzel sandwiches and potato pancakes, in addition to their famous sausages. [EIT]

There Will Be Beer (Good news from H.B. Express)

Original Hallo Berlin on 51st & 9thWhen I posted earlier in the week about the new Hallo Berlin Express set to open on 9th Ave. btw. 50+51st, there was concern over whether or not they would serve beer.  Well, I finally got to speak to Rolf & Wolfgang, who run the famous cart on 54th & 5th, and they told me there would in fact be beer served in plastic cups.  They expect to be open by the end of February, beginning of March, and the menu will include everything they serve at the cart, plus more- including (but not limited to) potato pancakes and a schnitzel sandwich.   How do you say, “I will be there on opening day” in German?

Openings, Closings & More Closings (ahem, I mean “renovations”)

It’s the beginning of the new year, which traditionally means a lot of change in the eating landscape.  Leases run out, new places move in, and many use it as a time for “holiday cleaning”.  First the openings…

Yummy Sushi in Rockefeller Center has opened a second location in the Food Court at the bottom of the building on 3rd Ave. & 53rd St.  It joins Fusion Grills, Gourmet 53 and of course- the piano player!  I believe it replaced a different sushi place, owned by the same people who own Menchanko-Tei.

In the soon to be opening category…

Ignore the construction, the “food court” in the basement of the building on 3rd Ave. btw. 49+50th is still open- and the new sign confirms the rumor we mentioned a few weeks agoPamapano Taqueria & Pump Energy will be getting a new neighbor soon.  Clearly not deterred by the defections of two of their prime Midtown locations, a new Sophie’s Cuban will be opening soon.  The fliers on the storefront make mention of a “Grand Opening Celebration”, which can only mean one thing.  Free food day!  Once a date is firmed up, I’ll let you know.

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