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Good, Quick Sushi and Teriyaki at the Newly Opened Bento

Bento Sushi is new to Midtown East, but not to Manhattan. We’ve covered the Canadian chain over the past few years, enjoying their rice and noodle-based dishes while shrugging at their sushi. Let’s face it, MLers just aren’t the type to go wild over packaged, refrigerated sushi. So how is Bento’s new outpost on 3rd Ave. (btw 43rd+44th)?

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Bento Sushi & Noodles Now Open on 3rd Ave.

Sushi aficionados of Midtown East, take heart. Bento Sushi, the new iteration of Sushi by Bento Nouveau we told you about back in April, is now open on 3rd Ave. btw. 43rd+44th. We’ll have a review up soon, but if there are any early adopters out there, let us know how it is.

East Has $1 Chirashi Bowls, But You Have to Get There Early

Got a craving for sushi? Head down to East Japanese Restaurant (44th St. btw 2nd+3rd) for a mini chirashi bowl for only a dollar. Only 20 of the $1 bowls are available each day, though, so plan on getting there early. Throw in a sushi roll (I’d recommend the negi toro – tuna belly and scallion) and you’ve got a nice, affordable lunch.

Wasabi To Bring Grab ‘N Go Sushi Coming To Times Square

Sergimmo's front
Looking for sushi options on your walk up 7th Ave into the tourist-occupied territory known as Times Square? Soon, your search will get easier! The Wall Street Journal’s global real estate pages report that British sushi chain Wasabi is taking over the old Burger King spot near Times Square on 40th and 7th (registration or some Google wizardry required to read the whole piece).
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O-de-ppang’s Sushi Bibimbap Is More Filling Than You’d Think


On Fridays during Lent I’m always on the lookout for a good meatless lunch. While I love me a good fried fish sandwich, sometimes I’m in the mood for something a little lighter but still filling. So when I saw that O-de-ppang! at Food Gallery 32 was now offering a Sashimi Bibimbap for $9.95, I had to check it out.

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First Look at Sushi-teria: Good Food, or Just a Gimmick?

We recently received a tip from Lunch’er “Victor” alerting us to a new sushi place that popped up in the atrium of the Citi Building on 53rd and Lex. But this isn’t just any old neighborhood sushi joint. Here, all orders are placed on iPads! I know what you’re thinking. “Sure, that’s pretty cool, but is the food any good?”  Let’s take a look:

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Roll And Go Sushi Coming Soon


Passed by this on 8th ave and 38th and thought I’d share this with y’all. It’s still in plywood but they finally put up the signage for Roll and Go, and there’s a sign on the window saying they’re hiring sushi chefs… sooooo I’m assuming this is referring to sushi rolls. Is this just going to be just another generic Midtown sushi place? Or could it possibly be something worthwhile? Will it be in the $10 ML price range? Only time will tell.

Holy Grail of Sushi Lunch Specials Found at Hiroshi

Ah El Mar: that great big blue that brings us such delicacies as the spicy tuna roll, salmon sashimi and shrimp tempura. Can there be a better piscatorial lunch then a plate of the finest of the sea? Freshly hooked, gutted, sliced and then served raw begging to take a little dunk into a shallow pool of salty soy sauce and nasal watering wasabi. I think not!

ML has always had an ideal vision of what an affordable sushi lunch should cost: 3 rolls for under $10. Any sushi lover out there knows that’s a tough one. Getting 2 rolls tends to be doable in most cheap Japanese eateries, especially if you include those refrigerated cases at delis and markets. However, ML is not about imitation crab and massed produced bento boxes. 2 rolls are for suckahs! Eaters like us need the magic number 3 to satisfy our gastronomic needs. For a while Aoki filled that craving, but their fishy trinity has increased to $11 and they are dead to us hardcore lunchers. Enter Hiroshi (on 3rd Ave btw. 38+39th) and things start to look up for us sushi loving lunchers on the eastside.

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Jack’s 99 Cent Store to Duane Reade: Our Sushi is Cheaper Than Your Sushi!


Dear God,

Hello, it’s me Mamacita. I know I haven’t been the best lamb in your flock these past few years. In fact, I think I ate some of the flock over rice with white sauce recently. Nevertheless, I ask you now to stand beside me and guide me through this fishy situation. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no fish; for thy stomach pump and Immodium A-D are with me.

Last week everybody was talking Duane Reade sushi.  But that is child’s play when compared to this challenge. Yes, I am facing this thing we humans call Jack’s $1.99 sushi rolls. People can talk all they want about it, but it is time someone put their roll where their mouth is. How can such an abomination exist and at such a low price? Such dubious consumables are not meant for this world. I can’t answer such an existential question, I can only follow my destiny: to be the cheap and hungry girl that eats the stuff no sane person would touch. So be it. I’m sailing the ship called Jack’s 99 Cent Store and it’s a one-way ticket to the porcelain gods. So here I go.

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Mamacita Takes the Duane Reade Challenge; Her Cat Declines

Title Image

It was with a heavy heart I left my apartment with one last kiss goodbye to my boyfriend. The future ahead of me looked dim, but the task before me demanded courage and strength of will. I had to put on my big girl pants and face the Duane Reade sushi challenge like a true gastronomic gladiator. My arena would not be filled with salivating spectators, but with bright florescent aisles packed with cosmetics, junk food and pharmaceuticals. In fact the DR pharmacy might play a vital part in the aftermath of this challenge. Dios mio man! Will Mamacita meet her maker at the hands of ptomaine poisoning? Find out after the jump!

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