Bento Sushi Opening Next Month in Midtown East

Bento Sushi is bringing its pre-made sushi rolls to Midtown East next month when it opens a new location on 3rd Ave. (btw. 43rd+44th). Bento Sushi has been covered fairly extensively on this blog ever since it was known as Sushi by Bento Nouveau. We’ve found its udon soup and rice dishes good, but its sushi left us wanting.

I’m most excited to try the udon, but having an option for decent, affordable grab-and-go sushi isn’t bad either. Anyone else looking forward to its opening?


  • this place looks so japanese…………

    go support a real japanese business. im out.

  • If they do a proper karaage or mackerel bento for realsies I’d give ‘em my business.

    The Midtown West/Times Square South one looks like it’s gonna open any day now (40th and 7th).

  • no. my money is on another frou-frou poseur place with excellent graphic design, shiny fridge cases, inflated prices and completely tasteless foodstuffs

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