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Find Comfort From the Elusive Spring Inside HanaMichi

In need of a warm culinary hug from all the bipolar weather recently? Impatient to see some blossoms and leaves on the trees already? HanaMichi comforts the senses on all those fronts. And with too many lunch specials on 32nd Street in the $15+ range, Hanamichi’s menu is a sight for sore eyes with several options within ML budget.

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Japanese Comfort Food Hidden Down a Flight of Stairs

Inconspicuously sandwiched between perennially busy Korean favorites Cho Dang Gol and Hanbat, you’ll find MEW Izakaya. Some of you are thinking, how authentic can a Japanese restaurant possibly be on this particularly Korean block of 35th St? Or why come here when there’s so many other asian options in the area? Well, their menu, atmosphere, and price have since won me over and made MEW one of my favorite spots when I have time to enjoy a sit down lunch.

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Treehaus is Hiding Delicious Ramen w/ Freshly Made Noodles Upstairs at Nikai

We’ve covered Treehaus pretty extensively, from its sandwiches and hot food bar to Kosofresh, the Chipotle-esque Korean bibimbap bar. But did you know that Treehaus also houses a ramen and soba restaurant? It’s true, right next to the upstairs dining area is Nikai, and they’re are serving up good, fresh, and affordable noodles.

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Good, Quick Sushi and Teriyaki at the Newly Opened Bento

Bento Sushi is new to Midtown East, but not to Manhattan. We’ve covered the Canadian chain over the past few years, enjoying their rice and noodle-based dishes while shrugging at their sushi. Let’s face it, MLers just aren’t the type to go wild over packaged, refrigerated sushi. So how is Bento’s new outpost on 3rd Ave. (btw 43rd+44th)?

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Bento Sushi & Noodles Now Open on 3rd Ave.

Sushi aficionados of Midtown East, take heart. Bento Sushi, the new iteration of Sushi by Bento Nouveau we told you about back in April, is now open on 3rd Ave. btw. 43rd+44th. We’ll have a review up soon, but if there are any early adopters out there, let us know how it is.

Kobeyaki Is Coming To Midtown

Kobeyaki, which Sarah was a big fan of in Flatiron a year ago, is coming to Midtown. Signs for the new Japanese storefront have popped up right by Crisp on 40th between 6th and 7th avenues. Personally, I’m looking forward to trying that Kobe-style burger Sarah liked so much, as well as some of the noodle options she didn’t get to. No word yet on the grand opening date yet, but hopefully it’ll be soon!

East Has $1 Chirashi Bowls, But You Have to Get There Early

Got a craving for sushi? Head down to East Japanese Restaurant (44th St. btw 2nd+3rd) for a mini chirashi bowl for only a dollar. Only 20 of the $1 bowls are available each day, though, so plan on getting there early. Throw in a sushi roll (I’d recommend the negi toro – tuna belly and scallion) and you’ve got a nice, affordable lunch.

Bento Sushi Opening Next Month in Midtown East

Bento Sushi is bringing its pre-made sushi rolls to Midtown East next month when it opens a new location on 3rd Ave. (btw. 43rd+44th). Bento Sushi has been covered fairly extensively on this blog ever since it was known as Sushi by Bento Nouveau. We’ve found its udon soup and rice dishes good, but its sushi left us wanting.

I’m most excited to try the udon, but having an option for decent, affordable grab-and-go sushi isn’t bad either. Anyone else looking forward to its opening?

Noodles, Octopus, & More at Ramen Takumi

Most of my experience with ramen is limited to home-cooked lunch in graduate school and the occasional visit to one of the many delis near my office… sad, I know. But I’ve been meaning to check out a real ramen restaurant for some time now, so when I heard about Ramen Takumi (3rd Ave. btw. 34th & 35th St.), I jumped at the chance to try it out.

Takumi is a cool-looking place, with a tables and bar style seating. It’s menu features not the pork-laden tonkotsu ramen, but shio, a salt-flavored broth. It’s a clean-tasting soup, salty of course, with a bite of seaweed as well. So if you’re looking for rich, fatty broth, this particular ramen spot probably isn’t for you.

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Japan Week Will Bring Ekiben To Grand Central In March

Of the various cultural events surrounding Japan Week in March, the most exciting is that ekiben, bento boxes sold at train stations throughout Japan, will be featured as a part of the cultural events held in Grand Central Terminal on March 19-21. A corner of Vanderbilt Hall will be devoted to ekiben, which traditionally contain local specialties from the region they come from. Various NYC restaurants — including a few from Midtown — are providing ekiben that highlight the food from different regions of Japan. Check out a preview of what you can expect on the Japan Week website; no word on pricing, but nonetheless, this should definitely be worth penciling into your calendars.