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New Teriyaki Boy is Pricier, but Still Good

I wasn’t in Midtown for the heyday of Teriyaki Boy, but I’ve heard good things, especially about their $3.99 lunch special. That offer may be gone, as are most of their locations, but I have been to the new Teriyaki Boy on 45th and 2nd, my friends, and it is good.

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Teriyaki Boy Returns, Just Slightly Out of Bounds

For those of us who have been ML’ers for years, we definitely remember Teriyaki Boy and their $3.99 special. It was a loss when all their locations shuttered.

DNAInfo now brings word that the company is coming back to Midtown. Their first new location will open slightly out of bounds on Second Avenue and 45th Street in January. As you can imagine, the $3.99 special will no longer be available (the owners cite the cheap prices as one of their downfalls), but according to the article no dish will be over $10. They will also specifically focus on chicken teriyaki.

I’m sure it won’t be the same, but it will at least be a bit of nostalgia from the good old (read: cheap) days in Midtown.

Another Teriyaki Boy Becomes Terakawa Ramen

After a tip earlier in the week from Lunch’er Daniel, I walked west to investigate the changing of the guard at 885 9th Avenue between 57th and 58th Street. And I was surprised to see Terakawa  Ramen up and running already. Looks like they’ve been open since Monday and have a few lunch items under $10, including the namesake tonkotsu ramen, Sho Yu, and Miso Ramens. $2 extra will also snag you a side of pork dumplings, fried rice, or chicken curry.

This isn’t the first time this particular company has taken over a former Teriyaki Boy location. We’re still not sure what’s happening to the Teriyaki Boy on 7th Ave. that closed two months ago, but a Terakawa replaced a Teriyaki Boy in Grammercy back in 2009. I hope to try the ramen some time next week, but if anybody has already been to this tiny location (or the one on Lexington btw. 23+24th), please weigh in with some comments.

Teriyaki Boy on 7th Ave. Has Shuttered

When it rains it pours, eh?! Sad news from the forums courtesy of Lunch’er whiskeyfrisky: “Teriyaki Boy on 7th bet 48th and 49th is closing its doors for good due to high rent. I’m sure going to miss their chicken curry soba.” And I will miss their $3.99 lunch special. Big loss for Lunchers in the notoriously overpriced greater Times Square area. Most importantly what is Stanley T. going to do? The closest other Teriyaki Boy is their just out of bounds location on 9th btw 57th and 58th.

Teriyaki Boy is Still Running Their $3.99 Lunch Special


Towards the end of last year Zach reported that Teriyaki Boy was doing a $3.99 lunch special in honor of their 20th anniversary for the entire month of December. Well, December has come and gone, but the $3.99 lunch special remains. Here’s what you get for less than a Lincoln…

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New $3.99 December Special at Teriyaki Boy


Thanks to Lunch’er Harry for passing along this new deal… to celebrate their 20th Anniversary (!?) Teriyaki Boy (on 7th Ave. btw. 48+49th) is selling their chicken teriyaki platter for $3.99 all December long. That’s about as cheap a lunch as you can get in that area…

Stanley T. Earns Title of Teriyaki Boy Champion

Teriyaki Boy East Becoming a Japanese Noodle Shop

Teriyaki Boy East Has Closed

The Teriyaki Boy location on 46th btw. Lex+3rd has closed, and the owners are converting it into a Japanese restaurant and noodle shop. Not sure if it will be more Cafe Zaiya or Menchanko Tei, but either way it will be at least 3-4 months before it reopens. Teriyaki Boy super fans can still get their fill of cheap (in every sense of the word) teriyaki chicken over rice at the West side location (on 7th Ave. btw. 48+49th), but a quick warning… if you’re used to the much cleaner 46th street location, you may not be so down with the 7th Avenue spot.

Stanley T. Earns Title of Teriyaki Boy Champion

One of the things I can’t stand is the person who eats lunch at the same place every single day.  Everybody has a go-to, “I don’t have time to venture far”, or ”I’m feeling lazy today” lunch spot around the corner from their office- but that’s not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the co-worker that eats at the same exact place, every single day- and usually the same dish.  That deli, or fast food place, where they get the same salad, or the same combo every single day.  And you try to convince them “Dude… there’s this place you’ve got to check out, that’s so much better.”  And they say, “Sure, let’s go tomorrow.”  And then tomorrow rolls around, and it’s “Naw, i’m just going to go to that same deli I go to every single day, and eat the same sandwich I’ve been eating for 200 days straight.”  Where’s the fun in that.

There’s alot of people in my office that fall into that trap, but the one that stands out to me is this guy named Stanley T.  I pay attention to what everybody eats in my office (big surprise… I clearly have a problem), and it didn’t take me long to realize that every time I saw Stanley T. eating lunch at his desk, it was the same exact thing, from the same exact place.  But here’s the crazy thing- I didn’t look down on him for it.  I actually thought it was awesome.  Even started joking around with him about it.  Why?  Because his every day lunch, was the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl from Teriyaki Boy.  And then it dawned on me.  I’m prejudiced against delis and fast food chains.  Get a salad from Variety Cafe every single day, and I’m going to think you’re lunch challenged.  Eat at Teriyaki Boy every single day, and you are my new hero.

Stanley T’s obsession with Teriyaki Boy, a Japanese fast food chain with two locations in Midtown, made me think maybe I’m missing out on something.  I mean look at that guy.  If it’s good enough for him to eat it every day, it must be good enough for me.  So one day, I decided to head down- and do as Stanley T. does (every single day of the week).

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