Another Teriyaki Boy Becomes Terakawa Ramen

After a tip earlier in the week from Lunch’er Daniel, I walked west to investigate the changing of the guard at 885 9th Avenue between 57th and 58th Street. And I was surprised to see Terakawa  Ramen up and running already. Looks like they’ve been open since Monday and have a few lunch items under $10, including the namesake tonkotsu ramen, Sho Yu, and Miso Ramens. $2 extra will also snag you a side of pork dumplings, fried rice, or chicken curry.

This isn’t the first time this particular company has taken over a former Teriyaki Boy location. We’re still not sure what’s happening to the Teriyaki Boy on 7th Ave. that closed two months ago, but a Terakawa replaced a Teriyaki Boy in Grammercy back in 2009. I hope to try the ramen some time next week, but if anybody has already been to this tiny location (or the one on Lexington btw. 23+24th), please weigh in with some comments.


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    like i said before, i dont think i am a fan of soup with an egg in it but the ramen was decent for my pallet but i really liked the katsu curry since its the only japanese curry options in the flatiron area that i am aware of.

  • Noooooooo! Teriyaki Boy was such a staple.

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    I live right by there and didn’t notice the change, I’ll have to check it out.

  • Sad, that TB got me thru law school. Terakawa is no Teri Boy!

    (P.S. spydr–c’mon already, if you post on food blogs you need to get ‘palate’ right!!!)

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