Teriyaki Boy on 7th Ave. Has Shuttered

When it rains it pours, eh?! Sad news from the forums courtesy of Lunch’er whiskeyfrisky: “Teriyaki Boy on 7th bet 48th and 49th is closing its doors for good due to high rent. I’m sure going to miss their chicken curry soba.” And I will miss their $3.99 lunch special. Big loss for Lunchers in the notoriously overpriced greater Times Square area. Most importantly what is Stanley T. going to do? The closest other Teriyaki Boy is their just out of bounds location on 9th btw 57th and 58th.


  • Thats sad. I loved the Kara Age Curry. I didn’t love their $1.50 bottles of water.

    I have recommended it before and I will recommend it again. You must try the Pearl right next door to TB. It’s in this picture. The Braised Beef Noodle Soup is spicy and terrific. Their other food is great too, and they aren’t expensive. I highly recommend.

  • I had the Kara Aga Curry about once a week, or their 3.99 chicken teriyaki lunch. I’ll probably schlepp up to their 9th Ave. location, but – working on the same block – it’s lost its quick-fix status. This is the third Teriyaki Boy that I’ve routinely eaten in that’s closed.

  • It was a go-to option when I worked in the ‘hood.

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    No…Teriyakiboy was so young! Why? Where will I get Katsu curry now? [Indecipherable Japanese oath of vengeance]

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