Teriyaki Boy is Still Running Their $3.99 Lunch Special


Towards the end of last year Zach reported that Teriyaki Boy was doing a $3.99 lunch special in honor of their 20th anniversary for the entire month of December. Well, December has come and gone, but the $3.99 lunch special remains. Here’s what you get for less than a Lincoln…


For $4.34 (tax inclusive) you get a side salad, an ample serving of white rice and several pieces of moist chicken in a sweet and not too salty teriyaki sauce. A few of the chicken pieces were a little charred–nothing more than what you might have on piece of chicken from your uncle’s backyard barbecue, but if blackened chicken bits bother you this should probably be a pass. Chicken char aside, $3.99 is a good deal especially by midtown standards and this makes for a solid lunch choice when your wallet is feeling a little on the light side.

Teriyaki Boy 732 7th Ave (btw 48 + 49th), (212) 265-8181


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