New Teriyaki Boy is Pricier, but Still Good

I wasn’t in Midtown for the heyday of Teriyaki Boy, but I’ve heard good things, especially about their $3.99 lunch special. That offer may be gone, as are most of their locations, but I have been to the new Teriyaki Boy on 45th and 2nd, my friends, and it is good.

The menu at this new Teriyaki Boy is simple – chicken thigh or breast, salmon, steak, or veggies. Each comes with rice and salad. The chicken thigh meal costs $8.50, and the prices go up from there. There are also a number of side items to order, including something called “juicy bacon” that I’d love to try (just not for $6).

I opted for the chicken thigh, because everyone knows dark meat is greater than white meat. For my $8.50 ($9+ with change), I got a good amount of chicken on top of a healthy portion of well-cooked white rice. The salad is also pretty large, and with the wasabi dressing (they also have ginger), quite good for a salad.

The chicken is grilled, and has a good, smokey flavor. If I had one complaint, it’s that the skin, which is left on, is not quite rendered down enough, so it’s a bit fatty and rubbery. Still, that’s a minor complaint. They go light on the sauce here, which is nice. You mostly taste the chicken, with just a hint of teriyaki sweetness. What sauce there is soaks nicely into the rice, which is sticky enough to handle with chopsticks, as it should be.

The only place I can personally compare this to is Glaze, which is one of my favorites in Midtown East. Compared with Glaze, Teriyaki Boy gives you more salad and probably about the same amount of chicken and rice, but is a bit more expensive. Glaze gives you more, sweeter sauce. So if you like a more subdued, less saucy chicken, Teriyaki Boy is your place.

Teriyaki Boy, I never knew you, but it’s good to have you back.

Teriyaki Boy, 844 Second Ave. (at 45th)


  • I really miss Teriyaki Boy. The one on 48/7 was my go to lunch spot when I wanted a cheap yet filling meal.

  • Mmm, that looks good.

  • 9+ with change or 9+ with tax?

  • Interesting, but looks nothing like the old TB food. Do they even have sushi? bento box? Tokyo fried chicken? (which was awesome!)

    Thx for the update tho. Gonna look up the store and really hope they may still have, by some stretch, their sushi party platter.

  • @stevenp is correct. I have tried it once. The headline should read: “New Teriyaki Boy Is Pricier, Therefore Not as Good.” The decor should give it away immediately, having a dark lounge feel, no longer an spot for inexpensive but good food. Also, bizarrely, there are no chairs or stools! How this new Teriyaki Boy hurts my soul!

  • Don’t look all at once, but… the Forums are no longer being inundated with rock crusher and Air Jordan spam. Only one spammer in the past two months.

    I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

  • I love me some TB and I had to visit this place. It’s not like the old TB. Most of the menu is gone. No curry at all. I used to love the Kara Age curry.

    Still, for teriyaki they are very good. I had the chicken thight teriyaki. It was fatty and tender. Skin was still on which makes it a bit different.

    It comes with salad. I got the salad with wasabi dressing. I’m not a big salad person, but I liked the wasabi dressing.

    The new TB is kind of a TB-Glaze mashup. For me, my favorite is the old TB, then the new TB, and Glaze third.

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