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Crisp Has Closed Its 3rd Ave. Location

Got some bad news from a couple of tipsters at the end of last week. Gourmet falafel chain Crisp has closed it’s 3rd Ave. location (btw 43rd+44th). According to the sign seen above, their lease is up and they’ve chosen not to renew it. Sure, their falafel was overpriced, but some of their more inventive offerings were pretty damned good (I personally enjoyed the Africa), and it was one of the only places I know of that let you add french fries inside your sandwich. Their location on West 40th is still open, but they’ll be missed over on 3rd.

Good, Quick Sushi and Teriyaki at the Newly Opened Bento

Bento Sushi is new to Midtown East, but not to Manhattan. We’ve covered the Canadian chain over the past few years, enjoying their rice and noodle-based dishes while shrugging at their sushi. Let’s face it, MLers just aren’t the type to go wild over packaged, refrigerated sushi. So how is Bento’s new outpost on 3rd Ave. (btw 43rd+44th)?

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Bento Sushi & Noodles Now Open on 3rd Ave.

Sushi aficionados of Midtown East, take heart. Bento Sushi, the new iteration of Sushi by Bento Nouveau we told you about back in April, is now open on 3rd Ave. btw. 43rd+44th. We’ll have a review up soon, but if there are any early adopters out there, let us know how it is.

5th Avenue Chocolatiere Now Has Ice Cream and Gelato

I think it’s safe to say summer has officially begun, and there are few better ways to beat the summer heat than ice cream. Lunchers in Midtown East now have one more option for that frozen treat: 5th Avenue Chocolatiere (which is ironically located on 3rd Ave. btw 43rd+44th) is serving ice cream and gelato. A small will cost only $1.75 and a large just $3.00, so you won’t have to break the bank for a cold afternoon dessert.

Early adopters, let us know how it is…

Bento Sushi Opening Next Month in Midtown East

Bento Sushi is bringing its pre-made sushi rolls to Midtown East next month when it opens a new location on 3rd Ave. (btw. 43rd+44th). Bento Sushi has been covered fairly extensively on this blog ever since it was known as Sushi by Bento Nouveau. We’ve found its udon soup and rice dishes good, but its sushi left us wanting.

I’m most excited to try the udon, but having an option for decent, affordable grab-and-go sushi isn’t bad either. Anyone else looking forward to its opening?

Lenten Lunch: Blarney Stone’s Fried Fish Sandwich

Blarney Stone Happy Hour

Oh the Blarney Stone, my divey Midtown sanctuary. I find solace in your burgers, and sliders, and corned beef, and Guinness, but what about the practicing Catholics among us? Surely they want to celebrate the end of the workweek regardless of Lenten responsibilities. Enter the Blarney’s Fried Fish Sandwich…

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Naya Express Is Just Like Chipotle… Except the Food is Lebanese and It’s Awesome


As much I hate Chipotle, there is no denying that their model has proven to be incredibly successful. The chose your protein, carrying method, and toppings, assembly line structure allows for the high volume, quick service that a popular lunch destination in Midtown needs to be profitable. Meze Grill (on 8th Ave. btw. 55th+56th) opened their “Middle Eastern Chipotle” back in August, and it looks like Pump Energy Food is moving in that direction as well. But my favorite new ode to Chipotle has got to be Naya Express- the new quick service Lebanese spot on 3rd Ave. btw. 43+44th. It’s got the same assembly set up, and customizable menu… but with one noticeable difference. The food is really tasty.

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Five Guys is Coming to 3rd Avenue


Eater dropped this great news late on Friday afternoon: “A PR rep informs us that Five Guys Burgers and Fries secured a lease for a 1,700 square foot space at 690 Third Avenue (between 43rd and 44th Streets).”  For those keeping track, that’s the old Prince Deli space… and even though they had a 99 cent pizza deal, and decent falafel I don’t think it will be missed once Five Guys goes in!

Five Guys is NYC’s Closest Thing to In N Out Burger
SHOCKER: Prince Deli is Closed For Good

3rd Ave. Golden Krust to Become Lebanese NAYA Express

We’ve gotten word that come September the now shuttered Golden Krust, on 3rd. Ave. btw. 43+44th, will become NAYA Express- a cheaper version of the fancy Lebanese restaurant NAYA Mezze & Grill on 2nd Ave. From the owner: “It is going to be 80% of NAYA’s Lebanese Menu with some addition and much less expensive. Sandwiches will range from $5 to $8. Appetizers between $4 and $8.” That could be interesting…

Crisp: Abomination… Or One of the Best Falafel in the City


I think I’m finally ready to go out on a limb here, and say that Crisp is one of the best falafel places in the city.  That’s right.  The yuppie-fied, way overpriced, unconventional falafel place (on 3rd Ave. btw. 43+44th) is serving up some of my favorite falafel in New York City.  Is their bread as good as Olympic Pita (on 38th btw. 5+6th)?  No.  Is their menu as authentically Israeli as Azuri Cafe (on 10th Ave. and 51st). Uh… definitely not.  And yet, each time I go there I really enjoy trying the strange flavor combinations they create.  Sandwiches you cannot find anywhere else in NYC.  And for that they deserve some recognition.

Last week, they introduced their entry into the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge. The Taj: Falafel with mango chutney, lime chili pickles, greens, cherry tomatoes, poppadums, and a cold curry sauce inside a traditional Israeli pita. I tried it on Friday, and it solidified my feeling that Crisp may be one of the best Falafel places in New York City.

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