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Is the Blarney Stone Closed for Good?!

If you’ve walked by the Blarney Stone on 3rd Ave. (btw 44+45th) recently, you’ve probably noticed that it’s closed for renovations. Well, a man standing outside this week who seemed to be in the know said that the bar isn’t just closed for renovation, but has in fact been sold and will re-open as a different establishment. Apparently the owners got an offer that they just couldn’t refuse. None of this is confirmed, but the Blarney Stone has proven to be a surprisingly good place to grab lunch (and reasonably priced craft beer), so if the news is true, it’s a sad day indeed.

Blarney Stone Does Asian Food And It Ain’t Bad!?

Blarney Stone I love walking by Blarney Stone everyday just to read all their handwritten specials on the chalkboards. Most of the time they’re just regular old pub foods like chicken tenders, sliders and their “Midtown best” burger. Though sometimes, you spot something out of the ordinary that’s worth checking out. One time I saw fish and chips and just few days ago I saw jerk chicken. Yes jerk chicken, from an Irish pub in Midtown. I had already gotten my lunch on that day, so I had to pass on trying their version of the jerk chicken, which I totally regret. So when I walked by the pub the other day and saw Shang Hai Japanese Chicken as a special I knew I couldn’t resist…

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Blarney Stone Makes a Surprisingly Decent Chicken w/ Beans & Rice

Blarney Stone It’s hard not to notice the taunts of Blarney Stone‘s many chalkboards with their daily specials every time you walk by. I’ve been there for drinks after work but have never had any their food. Of course I’ve been wanting to try their burgers and sandwiches but I just never seem to make it over during lunch time. So finally one day with only 30 mins for lunch, I dashed across the streets and into the pub. With everyone in front of me getting either sandwiches or burgers, I was ready to follow suit.  But when it was my turn to place the order, I couldn’t help but go with an old favorite…

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Blarney Stone Gets an A From the DOH!?!

I know that everyone has been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see how their favorite lunch spot scores with the DOH. For me, that meant waiting for Blarney Stone’s C or even D, but no! Blarney Stone has gone and proven it’s cleaner than a seemingly higher-end deli, and an upscale burger chain by scoring an A.  I’m so proud. Burgers for everyone… unless this convinces you that there are some greasy palms walking around town!

Rare Bar & Grill Called Best Burger in Midtown East

The blog Law & Food took it upon themselves to try every burger in Midtown East recently and came to these tough to argue with (?) conclusions:  Black Shack (on Lex btw. 37+38th) is meh, Sarge’s (on 3rd btw. 36+37th) is better for deli food, Five Guys (on 3rd btw. 43+44th) does its job but isn’t as good as Blarney Stone (on 3rd btw. 45+46th).  And the winner is… Rare Bar & Grill (on 38th and Lex), even though admittedly it’s a splurge, and Blarney would be their choice for a day to day burger.  Noticeably absent is the burger at P.J. Clarke’s (on 55th and 3rd), but according to AHT (our Mayor of all things hamburger) it’s not that good anymore.

2009 Readers’ Poll: Best Fast Food Hamburger

3rd Ave. Blarney Has “Best Food”: The blog NY Drinker visited the five remaining New York City Blarney Stones and declared the one on 3rd Ave. btw. 45+46th as having the "best food" and being the "most Irish". The 3rd Ave location is obviously our fave, but we've always been kind of curious about the one on 47th btw. 8+9th. (That location won "oldest crowd".) [via Eater]

Get Your Corned Beef On at Pret?!

Corned Beef & Pickle Deli Sandwich from Pret a Manger

If you’re looking for something to do tonight, Mamacita filled you in on all the St. Paddy’s Day sweets and drinks specials but what celebrating St Paddy’s day at lunch? On a recent Rock Center concourse jaunt, I noticed that Pret a Manger is now stocking new Corned Beef and Pickle Sandwiches made from Niman Ranch Corned Beef. Could be a good choice if you are looking for your corned beef fix without the pub crowds, though the price tag seems a bit steep at $6.89. If you’re willing to brave the hoards of drunken revelers, Blarney Stone on 3rd Ave has a lovely looking corned beef sandwich that Zach calls his “favorite St. Paddy’s Day lunch.”

Pret a Manger (various locations)
Blarney Stone
, 710 3rd Ave (btw 44+45th St)

Lenten Lunch: Blarney Stone’s Fried Fish Sandwich

Blarney Stone Happy Hour

Oh the Blarney Stone, my divey Midtown sanctuary. I find solace in your burgers, and sliders, and corned beef, and Guinness, but what about the practicing Catholics among us? Surely they want to celebrate the end of the workweek regardless of Lenten responsibilities. Enter the Blarney’s Fried Fish Sandwich…

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Blarney Stone Now Doing Pulled Pork Sliders

Last month we reported that the Blarney Stone (on 3rd Ave. btw. 45+46th) had added sliders to their menu-which already has a pretty decent full sized burger.  Today, Blondie and Brownie bring the news that they’ve said “purists be damned” and have started selling pulled pork “sliders” as well. $6 gets you three of these bad boys, plus fries, onion rings, or rice and beans.

Blarney Stone Adds Sliders (And Somehow Manages To Screw Up Best Onion Rings in Midtown)


Thanks to Lunch’er MikeyMike for passing along this info about the Blarney Stone (on 3rd Ave. btw. 45+46th): “Had a burger there today. Price is now $6 plus $0.75 for cheese. Burger was tasty but I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the onion rings both in quality and quanity. You now have your choice between steak fries or regular fries. New to me is that they now have 3 sliders for $5.”  Sliders?  You don’t say?  Well, I had to stop by and check those out…

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