Blarney Stone Does Asian Food And It Ain’t Bad!?

Blarney Stone I love walking by Blarney Stone everyday just to read all their handwritten specials on the chalkboards. Most of the time they’re just regular old pub foods like chicken tenders, sliders and their “Midtown best” burger. Though sometimes, you spot something out of the ordinary that’s worth checking out. One time I saw fish and chips and just few days ago I saw jerk chicken. Yes jerk chicken, from an Irish pub in Midtown. I had already gotten my lunch on that day, so I had to pass on trying their version of the jerk chicken, which I totally regret. So when I walked by the pub the other day and saw Shang Hai Japanese Chicken as a special I knew I couldn’t resist…

Blarney Stone

Okay, this is totally crazy. What the hell is Shang-Hai Japanese chicken?! I guessed it was something Asian. I asked the guy behind the counter what the hell was it but he didn’t pay much attention to me. The only way to find out was to order it.

Blarney Stone

Though it did lack the sweetness of a good teriyaki sauce, I believe it was their attempt to make teriyaki chicken. It tasted like teriyaki and the glaze on the chicken had the consistency of a teriyaki sauce. But since they didn’t call it teriyaki, it was probably for the best. Nonetheless, this was quite good. The chicken was tender and juicy and I had it with rice and beans (my favorite combo when it comes to chicken). For $6, this was a good amount of food and they even gave me more rice than the last time I had rice and beans.

Sure Blarney Stone makes good burgers and fish sandwiches but it’s fun to see them branch out to other cuisine even though they give their lunches weird names.

Blarney Stone, 710 3rd Ave. (btw. 44th & 45th) 212-490-0457


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