Blarney Stone Makes a Surprisingly Decent Chicken w/ Beans & Rice

Blarney Stone It’s hard not to notice the taunts of Blarney Stone‘s many chalkboards with their daily specials every time you walk by. I’ve been there for drinks after work but have never had any their food. Of course I’ve been wanting to try their burgers and sandwiches but I just never seem to make it over during lunch time. So finally one day with only 30 mins for lunch, I dashed across the streets and into the pub. With everyone in front of me getting either sandwiches or burgers, I was ready to follow suit.  But when it was my turn to place the order, I couldn’t help but go with an old favorite…

Despite all the great things we’ve written about Blarney Stone over the years I still had my doubts about the steam table. I mean if you have ever been inside it’s hard not to think that most of the stuff from the steam table (corned beef not included, obviously) might just be meh… but it had to be done.

Blarney Stone

For $6.50 I got the grilled chicken and it came with 2 sides. I got rice and beans (surprised?) and it was pretty awesome. The chicken breast had some really nice looking grilled marks and added some smokiness flavor. As for the rice and beans, they were pretty flavorful and tasted like how they should be (unlike rice and beans from another place I recently hit up).

After this meal, I think I may just add Blarney Stone to my list of “to go” lunch spots and give their burger a try. If I’m lucky enough to have more than 30mins I may even squeeze in a beer or 2.

Blarney Stone, 710 3rd Ave. (btw. 44th & 45th) 212-490-0457


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    Their burgers are great… the rice and beans were a surprise hit for me too… All of their food for the most part has been solid… well their mac and cheese sucks… but Blarney is a solid option. Dont be hesitant to order from the steam table… theyre usually so busy, turnover is fast so food is pretty fresh during lunch hours.

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    The fries are usually undercooked. Go with the onion rings. Greasy and delicious.

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    Funny I always go to the steam table first and have to remind myself to get a sandwich. One day I will…

  • how could you go for drinks and not at least end up with some sliders?

  • agreed, the mac and cheese sucks but more often than not you will get a surprisingly decent meal from the blarney stone. and its cheap!

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    Ive gotten the pernil with rice and beans… and for 6-7 cant go wrong… salad with chicken tenders also very excellent for the amount you get for a $6

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