Blarney Stone Makes a Mean Brisket Sandwich


  • Is that mustard on the brisket sandwich there? Kinda goyishe if you ask me, being that Blarney Stone has a pretty good gravy that they’ll slather all over the brisket or roast beef sandwiches.

    Whilst on the subject of Blarney, what’s the deal with their new fries, if we can even call them fries? They’ve recently moved onto these huge wedges, which are like 1/4 potato each and in my opinion, a real step down from their previous thick cut fries…also good with the aforementioned gravy.

  • LarryB – What exactly is “goyishe” about mustard on a sandwich? Sounds like absolute yiddishkeit to me – most likely a mitzvah to boot. Ketchup? That they’d put you in cherum for.

  • Gravy sounds like it’d sog that sandwich up really badly…

  • Zach, does one really need the excuse of a holiday to eat a brisket sandwich? Isn’t every day a good brisket eating day?

  • Beef Curtains.

  • The only problem with getting the $7 brisket is that the $4 beer pushes it past ML range. Then again, I’m always willing to make exceptions for beer.

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