Lenten Lunch: Blarney Stone’s Fried Fish Sandwich

Blarney Stone Happy Hour

Oh the Blarney Stone, my divey Midtown sanctuary. I find solace in your burgers, and sliders, and corned beef, and Guinness, but what about the practicing Catholics among us? Surely they want to celebrate the end of the workweek regardless of Lenten responsibilities. Enter the Blarney’s Fried Fish Sandwich…

Blarney Fried Fish

Last week, I stopped by for a little lunch-time fun-time, passed on my usual cheeseburger to try out their fried fish, and was rewarded with the East Midtown version of eating from Kim’s Aunt Kitchen (Blarney is one step up from a cart, let’s be serious). I didn’t catch if my fish was frozen, breaded, or thawed before hitting the grill-I was busy placing my drink order-but they do give you the option of tartar or no tartar, and any add-ons. I’m sure you could pretend this was a Filet-O-Fish and throw some faux American on this hot piece. Fries is another option; mine were crispy, hot, and delicious.

Inside Fried Fish

The fish had a milder taste, similar to the whiting from Kim’s Aunt, with a nice crunch on a good-sized roll. It came piping hot which is always a plus. For $5.50 this sandwich is not just worth it, it just might be the best option in the area.

Mix N' Match Sliders

While at my spot, I spotted a most curious sign: “Mix n’ Match Sliders”? For $5 you can pick any three sliders you want from the ones available: burgers, chicken cutlet, pulled pork, and fried fish. The combinations are endless!

Blarney Stone, 710 3rd Ave. (btw. 44th & 45th) 212-490-0457

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