Blarney Stone Gets an A From the DOH!?!

I know that everyone has been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see how their favorite lunch spot scores with the DOH. For me, that meant waiting for Blarney Stone’s C or even D, but no! Blarney Stone has gone and proven it’s cleaner than a seemingly higher-end deli, and an upscale burger chain by scoring an A.  I’m so proud. Burgers for everyone… unless this convinces you that there are some greasy palms walking around town!


  • Greasy palms indeed. An A? Really?
    I do like their burger but I am surprised.
    Congrats to Blarney!

  • inspector was an irishman, and more likely, a brother-in-law

  • Shouldn’t they have gotten an O’?

  • I enjoyed a fine lunch at Blarney Stone in late July while visiting the Big Apple with my wife, on a business trip.

    I thought the place looked rather clean, based upon NYC standards, and the food was good (edible), and I didn’t get sick or anything.

    So what is wrong with their “A” rating from the DOH?

    Carrion, please.

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    Haha. What is everyone’s cutoff as far as DOH grading?

  • I’d like to pick the Cs places before entering.
    I’d also be curious of what a D would be but they likely get shut-down right away and demand remedy from DOH?

  • The last time I came here was the last time period. I shouldn’t have to fight off roaches in order to eat my lunch… and they put up quite a fight last time. Can we say “infestation”? They may have cleaned up their act since then, but still… for this typically dark and dirty dive to get an “A” from the DOH is suspect at best. Caveat emptor.

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