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Two of Our Five Guys Locations Now Have Shakes!

Five Guys has Shakes

As much as I like Five Guys, I always felt something was missing from my meals there: milkshakes! Well, they’re trying to let us be true to our gluttonous selves by adding shakes to the menu in certain stores, and in Five Guys style with various free add-ins.

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Five Guys Times Square Opens Today

A couple of weeks ago, the flashy marquee went up (on 42nd btw. 7+8th), and now, according to the Five Guys Facebook page, the Times Square location will finally open today. Now, there are a lot of burger options in the area. Midtown Lunch favorites like Schnippers and Shake Shack — not to mention other spots like The Counter — are all within a 2 block radius. Where do you think Five Guys will fit into the mix?

Five Guys, 253 W. 42nd Street

Five Guys Times Square Looks Close To Opening

Back in March we told you that Five Guys was coming Times Square in the spring. Well, now that summer’s rolling in, it looks like the new location is finally close to opening. They just put up their flashy new Five Guys marquee — definitely fit for Times Square, I might add — and the inside is shaping up, too, with the decor looking pretty much done. They haven’t yet announced an official opening date, but I imagine we’ll be hearing something very soon about that!

Five Guys, 253 W. 42nd Street

Five Guys Coming Soon to Times Square

Looks like Five Guys will be sandwiched between Chevy’s and Starbucks on 42nd Street, taking over the old Yoshinoya spot in Times Square. By my count that makes it the fifth Midtown location and ninth in the city (11th if you count Brooklyn!). Also, it’ll be the zillionth burger place in the area, not that that makes its spring opening any less exciting. Thanks to Lunch’er Brian for the tip!

Five Guys, 253 W. 42nd Street

Five Guys Grilled Cheese is Decent (And All the Toppings Are Free)

Five Guys I have never been a fan of Five Guys. There I said it. I have had their burgers 4 times now and all 4 times I found their burgers to be flavorless. I do appreciate them giving me tons of fries and extra toppings for free.

A few weeks ago I noticed that Serious Eats New York had written about their grilled cheese sandwich. I had no idea they served grilled cheese sandwiches, and thought this would be a good reason for me to try Five Guys one last time.

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5 New York Comic Con Lunch Recommendations

New York Comic Con began yesterday, which means tens of thousands of big-time comic fans are descending upon the Javits Center to walk the convention floor and check out panels. Although we have little experience eating in Midtown in costume, we do want your lunching experience to match the fun you have at the convention.

Now, admittedly, the Javits Center is out of bounds, and the immediate area around there can be a wasteland for food … which is where we come in: Super Midtown Lunch! (Who’s imagining Zach in a cape right now? Sorry.)

Here are five spots that are a few blocks walking distance from NYCC.

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Five Guys is Better Than In N Out!?: Even though Five Guys (shockingly) won last year's ML Reader's poll for best burger in Midtown, we seriously doubt it would have a chance in a head to head battle with In N Out Burger, should one ever come to NYC.  And yet, on Thursday Zach admitted that now that he has constant access to In N Out, he gets a bit more excited about Five Guys.

At Lunch Now: Five Guys on 34th is Now Open

When does this ever happen!?! A few weeks ago we reported that the new Five Guys on 34th St. btw. 8+9th would be opening on October 2nd, and what do you know… it’s open. Thanks to Lunch’er Vivien for the heads up.

I Still Think Five Guys is Awesome, But I’ll Try Not to Compare it to In N Out Burger

34th Street Five Guys To Open in Two Weeks?

Thanks to Lunch’er “David” who forwarded along this photo of the Five Guys opening on 34th btw. 8+9th.  Originally it was supposed to open in June or July (clearly that didn’t happen), but now we’re hearing October 2nd.  Seems like a lot to do in 2 weeks, but those who work in the area can hope- right?  And for those of you who think Five Guys is overrated garbage?  You have a friend in Josh Ozersky (who apparently, also doesn’t like In N Out Burger.)

Five Guys Beats In N Out: When Five Guys first arrived in NYC, we called it the closest thing to In N Out Burger New Yorkers were ever going to get. Well, according to Zagat's 2010 Fast Food Survey, we don't even need In N Out.  Five Guys beat them out for Best Fast Food Burger... although the same survey has Chipotle beating Five Guys, Chick Fil A and In N Out, so can it really be trusted?