Five Guys Beats In N Out

When Five Guys first arrived in NYC, we called it the closest thing to In N Out Burger New Yorkers were ever going to get. Well, according to Zagat’s 2010 Fast Food Survey, we don’t even need In N Out.  Five Guys beat them out for Best Fast Food Burger… although the same survey has Chipotle beating Five Guys, Chick Fil A and In N Out, so can it really be trusted?


  • I’ll take Goodburger over both, flame grilled will always be better than griddled.

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    But if you look at the “Top Food” category for large chains, it’s

    1. In-N-Out Burger
    2. Papa Murphy’s
    3. Chick-fil-A
    4. Five Guys
    5. Chipotle

    …which doesn’t seem too offensive.

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    I would say Blue 9 Burger is the closest NY will get to In N Out. they even have the (not so) secret menu.

  • Chipotle?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAH…..garbage.

    I like 5 Guys more than I used to. Maybe it’s improved over the past year.

  • 5 Guys is good but I’d still choose a SS burger, minus any lines in both venues.

  • A Horse Is a Horse, Of Course — Unless, Of Course, He’s the Famous Mr. Ed…

    OR, as chanted in Five Guys hometown:

    A Burger Is a Burger, Of Course – Unless, of Course, It’s the Famous 5 Guys Burger…

    Then, of Course, there are those of us who attempt to avoid eating Burgers, of Course – Unless, Of Course, there is no Mama Dip’s Southern Fried Chicken to be had, Of Course.

    Carrion, please.

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    Too bad Five Guys makes their burger well done. I prefer medium. Also the fries are too greasy and soggy. But that’s just preference I guess.

  • Five Guys also won “Best Fastfood” on the Fastfood show on Howard 101 (Sirius)

  • I love 5 Guys and there is one near me here in CT, but I still prefer SS the best.
    Thank you Danny Meyer!!!

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    hmm.. I never tried to request how I want my burger done at 5 Guys. That would make sense but seeing how heavy it is already why bother? They have surely taken the crown over Fuddruckers. :P

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